Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Ah Woo! Ah Woo!

In synchronicity, asked what their occupation was, 300 Spartan men shouted "Ah Woo! Ah Woo!". (From the movie 300)

Living a life with purpose.

Certainly for these 300 men, they lived a life with purpose. They were born and raised for Sparta. To die for her in combat was everything to them. Their purpose came easy. Sometimes I wish I could have the same thing for myself.

This Monday came with an announcement that made me go "Ah Woo!". Someone is finally leaving. Although parting is never easy, not having to deal with him everyday, makes my work easier (or atleast, mentally, I think it would ^^).

Him leaving though somehow screws up my plans. Plans of getting back at him. Well, I guess I should be thankful, because although getting back at someone can make you feel good, the feeling never lasts, and its long term effect on your spirit is more damaging.

"Problem solved?", well, not really. I sort of have decided to push through with my plan and now, I could end up looking bad infront of the the new guy, his replacement. Considering that the new guy is someone I respect and consider a friend, I’m puzzled on what to do.

And so I got my coffee mug, proceeded to the pantry, pressed the free "Coffee with cream and sugar" button, sat on the soothingly soft sofa, and sulked. Sulked like a guy at an intersection not knowing which direction to take. I thought, "I need a sign."

Do you believe in signs?

There lay infont of me, the PhilNITS magazine. Being an I.T.-related publication, I thought of the chances of me finding the word "God" in it. Seldom do we encounter the word "God" in the I.T. industry but considering that this publication was made by a Filipino then again I might just have a slight chance of finding the word in it. And so I leafed through the pages of the magazine thinking that if I was successful at my task then I would proceed with my original plan.

There were only 16 pages and most pages contained more pictures than text! After only a couple of minutes, I was at the last page and still no sign of "God". I searched even the pictures, carefully looking through every banner, poster, or any form of text in each photo, thinking that signs were never meant to be found easily. But all my efforts were to no avail. No "God" here nor there.

Sort of in resignation, I lazily sipped my coffee, and browsed through the magazine backwards. Thought of how the Japanese always appeared so stiff in their photos and how lovely the governor of Cebu looked in the opening ceremony. Remembered how once I emailed a letter of complain to the foundation for them neglecting to respond to my request and not even knowing how to send a simple response back. Amazed at the seemingly success story of an undergraduate who decided to stop studying after getting a job upon getting certified through the foundation’s Fundamental IT Engineers exam. Shocked to have read the foundation’s director comparing her vision to that of Hitler’s concept of a superior race. Read through the words "… love for country, and love for their fellowmen". Flipped through the next page when "Ah Woo!", a newly-caffeine-invigorated me thought of the words "country" and "fellowmen" again. Backtracked a bit and there was the word I was searching for in the phrase "… love for God".

Elated and full of excitement, I head back to my cubicle …

Choose your own Adventure (book)

This is what I would like to call my Choose Your Own Blog. Select among the following choices on what you think I should do. Read the comments page for the possible scenarios/consequences of your choice. I would appreciate it if you can leave a comment about your choice. In a way, I’m handing my fate to you, the readers, in this blogosphere.

a.> Respect the sign and proceed with the plan.
b.> Ignore the sign and act as always, as if nothing’s bothering me.
c.> Wait a few months (maybe 3 or 4) before doing anything.


Do you believe in SIGNS?


What is your purpose in Life?
Longing for the day to come when my answer to this question will be as simple and distinct as an "Ah Woo!"

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  1. Choice A – Proceed
    - I can end up losing my job as early as this month.
    - Lose a possible business trip opportunity, not only for me but also for my (2) teammates, to Japan.
    - My chance to live like a bum and think things through as to what I really want to do.
    - Losing the security that my job brings is possibly the challenge that I need right now.
    - Hopefully earn the respect of the new guy for telling him sooner than later.

  2. Choice B – Do nothing
    - I get to go to Japan for 3 months.
    - Continue pondering on what may have been.

  3. Choice C - Wait
    - I get to go to Japan with my teammates for 3 months.
    - Visit my friends there.
    - Time to think and be away from the commonality here in Cebu.
    - Lose the new guy’s trust and maybe friendship as well.
    - Still somehow a form of getting back at the guy who’s leaving.

  4. nice piece of literary work!

    signs are mere signs. you may ask for it but you need not follow - there is such a thing called coincidence. it's actually an indication of fear to decide.

    you said it! choose your own adventure, step. :)

    good luck!

    p.s. but i don't like the "getting back at him" part hehehe

  5. maybe you can tell the new guy about the guy who is leaving without getting back at him.
    think about this really hard: if there's a possibility that you might get in trouble and ruin your life (exag!) then it's not worth it stefi. just let it go. i still believe in karma. let karma deal with him sooner or later.

    punta ka na lang kasi dito sa SG! hehehe...

  6. @cobalt

    thanks for the comment! milagro again! hehehe ^^ (no cute polar bears naman dito ah) hehehe ^^

    yeah, tama ka talaga. it's an indication of fear to decide talaga. I hope I make the right choice.


    not thinking of killing or hurting anyone naman e, relax. hehehe ^^ Me leaving would actually be the getting back part. I hope I can go back to SG! If not to work then kahit pasyal lang ulit.

    If I work there kailangan ko din ng roommates! hanap muna ako ng mga kasama ^^

    love it there talaga!
    Next time I go, let's do your prenups ^^

    salamat 4 the comments!

  7. Kung ako ikaw, I would wait for a few months before doing anything.
    Ikaw man naa sa right side... and mogawas ra na ang tinuod (ang tinuod na kalaki ato niya) ;)

  8. he he just read your message sa epinoys... i thought katong usa ka kurdapyo ang mo-resign... ang higher kurdapyo diay ^-^

  9. @bisdak

    thanks for sharing your thoughts! asa imo blog? would love to read them as well. naka-off lagi ang imo profile? ^^


    kurdapyo! nice word ^^ hehehe
    yeah the higher one ang mubalhin. asa pa na muhawa tong lower kurdapyo. at home na kaayo to diri.
    naa na gani siya kurdapyo jr. hihihi (go blind items hahaha)
    thanks shie! wrote this one para sa imo ug sa imong ofcmate diha. hihihi ^^ who's your ofcmate d.ay?

  10. hello steph!
    he he ako gihapon nang bisdak ^-^.
    when i posted that comment... mao diay na ang naka-login. ^-^

    kurdapyo... gikan na kay rose na term para kay lower kurdapyo. sana dili ma-bola si K kay lower kurdapyo para ma-ok na diha. ^0^

    idel's the name of my officemate. gikan sya sa NEC-cebu before.

  11. thanks shie! ^^
    hi idel! hehe ^^

  12. best of luck on your decision :)

    whatever you decide.. hope to see you ulit dito! hehehe.

  13. @superzero!

    Hi! musta? walang blog lately ah. Iba talaga pag may pinagbibisihan(?) hehe (tama ba yung tagalog ko?)

    definitely would want to go back there! sana mag promo ulit ang CebuPac ^^


    ano naman muzukashii dun? hehehe ^^
    unsa imo choice? ^^

    thanks 4 d comments! :)


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