Thursday, March 27, 2014

Green Juicers in Davao


It's no secret.  Juicing and Juice Detoxing is the IN thing right now.  While I started preparing and drinking Green Smoothies way back in 2011, I only started juicing last year.  Normally, I would just juice at home.  It's more economical that way.  Sometimes though, it's also good to order and try out juices from home-based juicers.  Try out the ones where the ingredients are more expensive or harder to find - Kale, Turmeric, Red Beets, Berries, Grapes, Chia seeds, etc.

If you are not convinced yet to try juicing, watch the documentary Fat Sick and Nearly Dead.  It follows the life of Joe Cross during the time he tried juicing for 40 days.  See and watch what happened to him.  

If you are looking for a juicer in Davao, here are some of those I've come across with.

by: Ai Abujos

"Changing Lives, One Juice at a Time."


Got introduced to this juicer through a friend.  My first time to try juice detox, I ordered from her.  All in all there were 8 bottles.  You drink 2 bottles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  In between meals, you can take 1 bottle for snacks.  The selection and juices were quite good.  The juices were in Rainbow colors!  A good sign that you're getting all the good nutrients.  The brighter the natural color the more nutritious it is.  

Advantage: Free Delivery!  Cash on Delivery!
Bonus: If you see Ai, you would really think/know that this girl is into juicing.

Green Agenda
by: Ning Dureza-Uy

I found Green Agenda through Instagram.  I've always meant to order a 1 day juice detox package but time constraints got the better of me.  The juicer is located south (west) of Davao (Matina area) and it's only available for pick up so I find it a little inconvenient.  Plus you have to deposit your payment in advance (which is just an added inconvenience).  

I finally got to try 2 of the juices though when this juicer joined the Organic Fair in Abreeza Mall.  I got 2 purple/red drinks made from Red Beets, Berries, Turmeric, Ginger, Grapes, and Apples (I think).  They tasted good!  One bottle of juice was at 180 pesos.  It's definitely cheaper if you buy it as a package good for 1 day of juice detox.   Green Agenda uses bigger juice bottles compared to ijuice.  I think you only get 6 bottles for a 1 day juice detox.

The proprietor uses the instagram id "WonderWomaNing."   Indeed she will be a wonder woman in no time if she continues on with this program.

Soul Kitchen Co.
 "Meals from our table to yours"

--> This is another juicer I found at the Organic Fair in Abreeza.  They serve cold-pressed juices and they deliver all around Davao for a minimal fee of 50 pesos.  Their home-based business is located near Fair Lanes (Torres).  I don't know much about this juicer and I haven't tried any of their juices yet.  Each bottle is also at 180 pesos.  

The only thing I can share for now is that their packaging looks best.  This does not necessarily mean that it's better though.  I personally like the bottle packaging of ijuice and green agenda.  I'm not sure if Soul Kitchen uses PET bottles but it does appear like one in the pictures.  I like glass bottles because of their reusability.   You can reuse glass bottle for when you are ready to start juicing at home.  You can just wash and sterilize these for reuse.  I can't say the same for PET bottles. 

By the way, cold-pressed juicing is a method of juicing that claims to retain more of the nutrients in the juice.  Most juicers for home-use uses a motor and a spinning blade.  These mechanisms can produce a lot of heat while juicing.  Heat is known to destroy some of the nutrients.  ijuice also uses a cold-presser.  I'm not sure what Green Agenda uses.

Lastly, I would like to point out that it would be good to eventually learn to juice your own juices at home.  This way you can be sure of the quality of the juices.  You can more of the essential ingredients (like greens and other vegetables)  and less of the fruits!  Happy Juicing!


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