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Feng Shui for 2013 - Year of the Snake

Year of the Water Snake 2013 - Feng Shui
General Outlook for the Year of the Snake 2013 ( Feng Shui)

  • A Year with Sustenance Luck - unlike the previous year where we saw a lot of political changes and upheavals in many countries, this coming year we will see a lot of CONSOLIDATION - Focus will be back on achieving GOALS.
  • 2013 signifies the beginning of the second half of the Period of 8.  Therefore young people will continue to exert strong influence (good or bad)  in the world.
  • In 2013, Intelligence, Mental Capability, and Creativity will also overcome the raw use of Power.  Intellectual pursuits will be auspicious.
  • 2013 also signifies the presence of the Powerful Mentor Star - this suggests that those in positions of authority will tend to be kinder and more tolerant towards subordinates.  It will be a good time to seek the help of Mentors.  It also signifies the continuity of RECOVERY and ADVANCEMENT of the worlds' economies. (More after the jump!)

It is beneficial in 2013 to wear GOLD and for there to be windchimes in the SOUTHWEST (Vitality) or NORTHEAST (Personal Power) sector of your homes.

  • At the start of the year, Power Luck will be in the hands of elders.  If you want to enhance your power luck, increase the voltage of light in the Northeast sector of your home or office.  A table lamp will do the trick.
  • Intelligence luck will favor the young and the best ideas and highest creativity will more likely manifest towards the end of the year.  If you want to enhance your intelligence luck, the best way is to use a small water feature near you - a small water fountain.

  • NORTH, NORTHWEST, and NORTHEAST are the good luck sectors.  The NORTHEAST is the most auspicious because the no. 8 is located in this sector.
  • The SOUTH, with the no. 9,  can also be considered a positive direction.
Activate the energies in these sectors by creating NOISE, MOVEMENT, and putting BRIGHT LIGHTS to bring good fortune.

  • On the contrary the EAST (Hostility), WEST (Violence), SOUTHWEST (Illness), and the CENTER sectors must not be activated as much as possible.

source: Fortune and FengShui by Lillian Too and Jennifer Too

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