Monday, January 28, 2013

I'm Spicy and I Know It

Turmeric powder in capsules.
2013, the Year of the Water Snake will start on February 10, 2013.  According to Feng Shui experts Lillian Too and Jennifer Too, Earth born Horses (1978) will have tremendous Wealth Luck helped by two Big Auspicious Stars this year!  The downside is a lack of VITALITY and PERSONAL POWER luck.  Therefore it is recommended that horses show their RESILIENCY and that NEVER-GIVE-UP Attitude for this year.    

Related to vitality is the horse's health.  It is important that horses' take care of their health.  Surrounding yourselves with GREEN will improve your luck as well.  As for your personal power, wearing gold and using wind chimes will do you good.  (More after the jump!)


As I have been having respiratory problems lately, I'm taking extra precautions this year to improve my health.  Starting off with taking two capsules of Pure Turmeric powder everyday!  Two capsules is about 500 mg.  The recommended does I believe is about half a teaspoon everyday.  A substance called Curcumin found in this spice is said to bring a lot wonders for whoever takes it - more preventive rather than actual cure.  

Turmeric is actually yellow ginger!  Same family where our Salabat (Ginger tea) comes from.

Given that the ingredients are all natural and the dosage is quite low, there's really no harmful side effects.  My dad and uncles have been taking it for years now and they are perfectly healthy.

Although, after taking the capsules for a week, I can't help but notice something ....    

a tinge of the turmeric smell is now evident on my sweat!  After a long day, instead of just the regular musty smell, there's a hint of ginger on my day shirts.  Not sure if I'm just imagining this.  I'll have to ask someone to smell me sometime soon. (^o^)/

I'M SPICY! Oh yeah!
Chicks dig spicy, just ask the OLD SPICE GUY!

Well, I'm hoping it doesn't get out of hand.  Otherwise I may have to sing the PARTY ROCK (LMFAO) song all year long.


On another note, did you now that you can save a lot of money if you buy your vitamins and supplements in the US?  It's  totally possible to buy them from Amazon or any other online store and just have them shipped to the Philippines.  Some services that you can use are Johnny Air, POBOX.PH, and My Shopping Box.

I don't have enough info yet to be able to write expertly about these services.  Maybe someday I can write about it so everyone can benefit from it.  Aside from vitamins and supplements there are tons of stuffs that you can get at a discount by buying online.

Some supplements I'm looking to buy for me and my dad:

ENZYMES for aiding digestion (Dad)

Co-Enzyme Q10 for energy and longevity (Dad)

Nature Made Multivitamins (mine)

A year's supply of Nature's Bounty Vitamin C 500mg (Antioxidant) (mine)

Nature's Bounty Natural (not synthetic) Vitamin E 400 IU (Antioxidant) (mine)

Nature's Bounty Joint Support Complex!
(GLUCOSAMINE Sulfate for Arthritis)

Guess who this is for?

Mine! Hahaha

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