Saturday, September 01, 2012

Happy Lemon in Davao

First Happy Lemon in Davao
Happy Lemon is in Davao.

Unlike most Happy Lemon stalls in Manila, the Happy Lemon in Davao is really an enclosed shop with large tables and benches that can accommodate a group of 6-8.  It's air-conditioned as well.

What to order at Happy Lemon  

  • Cocoa with Rock Salt and Cheese or 
  • Coffee with Rock Salt and Cheese.

I think these are what they are known for.  I've tried both and the combination is definitely intriguing.  There are 3 ways to drink it: 1.) Use a straw and try the drink (coffee or cocoa) on it's own. 2.) Taste the Rock Salt and Cheese on top by licking it with your tongue directly (if you wanna be prim and proper, you can use the straw of course (^o^)/), 3.) Mix the topping with the base and drink!

You'll be able to enjoy 3 flavors in one sitting.  The flavor combination sounds weird at first but surprisingly it actually works.  The Rock Salt and Cheese topping substitutes the milk or cream in your cocoa or coffee drink.  Adding salt actually enhances the flavor of the drink! The same way it brings out the flavor in desserts.

Drinks with a Salt and Cheese topping is actually not something new in Davao.  Green Coffee came up with their own versions when the Happy Lemon craze started in Manila.

While I really wanted to get either of these 2 drinks, I just came from a heavy lunch and so I opted to try a different drink this time.  I ordered a tall Royal Milk Tea with Grass Jelly for a hundred bucks.

Unlike in Serenitea , Happy Lemon doesn't ask you for the sweetness level.  It's probably like Gong Cha, where in for some drinks, it's already naturally sweetened.  And the sweetness level was just right for me, although I'll confidently say that this level will not be enough for the those that are used to sweeter varieties.

The verdict: The Royal Milk Tea was good, better than the Milk Tea in Firenzo and better than my experimental milk tea (^o^)/.  However, I think there were too many sinkers.  The ratio of the grass jelly to the liquid was just too much.  I finished my drink and still left a lot of sinkers at the bottom of the cup.  As it turns out, this drink doesn't only contain grass jelly but also pearls and some other sinkers I didn't recognize.

You'll know that I frequent Serenitea because I use the term SINKERS for the add-ons. hahaha (^o^)/ Yup, I love serenitea.  If you're at Serenitea, try the OKINAWA (brown sugar taste) with pearls and crystals, 25 or 50% sugar level.  I also like the plain Assam Milk Tea or the plain Royal Milk Tea.  Maybe someday Serenitea will be in Davao as well.

Where is Happy Lemon in Davao?

You'll find the shop at
The Peak, 2nd Level.
GMall (Gaisano Mall)
J.P. Laurel Ave.

Open since August 17, 2012.

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