Thursday, August 16, 2012

Welcome to Kadayawan

Aerial view of Davao City
Welcome to Madayaw Davao! Welcome to the Kadayawan festival.  

Last year, I missed the Kadayawan festival.  I don't normally get excited during this festive season in Davao. This year though I find myself a little upbeat and eager to see what the city has to offer - doesn't mean that I'll be joining the parades or any of that kind of stuff anyway. hahaha  (more of just soaking in on the festivity and enjoying the vibe of the city and the people)

Upon arriving at the Davao International Airport, you'll get a feel of the vibe right away.  Dancers wearing what appears to be a mix of modern and ethnic attire welcome arriving passengers at the baggage claiming area while dancing to tribal music.

Tribal dancers dancing to ethnic music at the Davao International Airport.
Don't forget to try the Free welcome drink!  On the day I arrived, not many saw the sign though and this area was desolate.  It would have been better it they had someone hand the drinks to the waiting passengers (one of the dancers will do).  I can't help but wonder how long the drinks were on stand by in that area.  I tried it anyway. (^o^)/ That's part of imbibing the spirit. hahaha  It was sweet and probably had a bit of Pomelo taste to it.  I really couldn't tell, I'm just assuming given that Pomelo is a signature fruit of Davao.  

Davao Punch - Welcome drink Kadayawan 2012

Pomelo flavored Punch at the Davao International Airport
Part of what I really like about the Kadayawan festival is the on going sale in groceries and malls!  It's definitely time to shop and save a few bucks.

Kadayawan Sale Bird sign used by Park N Shop to highlight sale items.

Kadayawan Promos everywhere - too bad I still have a lot on stock at home. (^o^)/
The season is about to peak this weekend and you can bet that there will be midnight sales all over town!  Maybe it's time to buy that Dolce Gusto Nespresso machine from Nescafe!
Buhangin-Dacudao fly over. 
The festivities has reached the Buhangin fly over area.  I don't remember this area being decorated before.  It's really nice to look at especially if you're coming from Buhangin (the airport).  Can't wait to see how the downtown area looks like.

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