Monday, January 30, 2012

Flying Emirates (Day 1)

Four years later I'm back on a long haul flight bound for Europe!  We flew with Emirates to Dubai, had a 4 hour lay over there, and then took the flight from Dubai (DXB) to Leonardo da Vinci Airport (FCO) in Rome!  All in all it took us around 19 hours to get to our destination.  Travelling seems to fit one of those joys in life where in one has to go through hardships first before reaping the rewards.  For my back's sake, I'm certainly hoping so!  Definitely looking forward to enjoying this trip!  

Will we live to see the time come when the other side of the world will only be an hour or even just minutes away from us?  It shouldn't be that far away. 

Emirates Airlines


Relaxing ambiance with Starry night theme.  Since I enjoy stargazing, this was a most welcome treat.

(Clockwise from left to right): Chicken Adobo Sandwich on Foccacia bread, Pineapple Upside Down Cake, Daing na Bangus (Grilled Fish with Adobo Butter as described in the Menu), Omelette with Corned Beef Hash, 150ml Coke Light and Pepsi Light soda in cans with Savory biscuits, and Cajun Chicken Fillet.

In general, a lot were disappointed with what was served.  Even people in first class complained about the food.  I personally enjoyed the desserts and snack items that they offered.  The small box that was served with the Cajun Chicken that contained a chili dip, a triangle of cheese, and some biscuits and crackers was a delightful surprise.  The 150ml soda in cans is just not enough for us Filipinos.  Try and ask for another can while you have the flight attendant's attention.

The flight attendants are definitely eye candies.  However, they generally are not as friendly and accommodating as Filipino flight attendants.  They wouldn't help put your bag in the storage compartments, they ignored repeated service calls mid flight, and they tend to forget things you asked for.  One incident was when I asked for the instant cup noodles in the menu, I got an OK from the attendant, but no noodles came.

In flight entertainment is nicknamed as ICE - short for Information Communication and Entertainment.  There was no shortage in this department.  You'll get all the flight info you need plus extra perks like views from  front-facing and down-facing cameras.  Didn't get to try much of the communication functionality but you can supposedly use the phone to call other passengers in the plane for free and send text messages or call the outside world for a fee.  

I liked the selection of movies.  I was able to enjoy four movies all through out the long flights: Real Steel, Puss 'n Boots, Footloose, and Too Big To Fail.  The economy seats are also equipped with an electric socket that you and your seatmates can share (I think there were 2 in every column with 3 to 4 passengers per column).  

It wasn't the most pleasant trip but Emirates did get us to our destination safely so I'm grateful.  Thank You Emirates!  

One last thing - these stickers are ingenious (but maybe wasteful and not that useful as well? I'm no longer making sense. hahaha) I just think that for those who want to sleep and don't want to be disturbed even when it's time to serve the food, then these will come in handy. 

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