Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dubai International Airport (Day 1)

Dubai International Airport

Spent four hours at the Dubai International Airport before our flight to Rome.  Definitely one of those airports you wouldn’t mind spending a few hours waiting.

Duty free shops, coffee shops, and restaurants abound and are open 24 hours.  The space was big and clean.  It even had an indoor garden to relax the minds of tense travelers. 

Lots of toilets in the area as well, some small, some really big to accommodate the in flux of passengers from the different ports of the world.  If you haven’t taken a shower or brushed your teeth after a long flight, you can do so in one of the big toilets. 

If you prefer a more comfortable atmosphere, check in in one of the many lounges in the area.  Better yet, if you qualify for it, apply for a Diners Credit Card.  It will give you free access to a lot of lounges for free!  That’s what my companion and I did.  Unfortunately, my card didn’t arrive on time so I had to spend some time waiting outside the Marhaba lounge (between departure gates 123-125). Some lounges allow the cardholder to bring a companion for FREE! (NAIA Terminal 1 Airport)

Another thing I noticed were the lovely artworks decorating the walls of the departure lounge.

Only discomfort during our stay was the long bus ride from the departing lounge to the airplane.  Something that may be dependent on the airline you take and not on the airport itself.

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