Thursday, December 01, 2011

Kindle Fire vs. iPad2

Kindle Touch, Kindle Fire, iPad 2

At first I really didn't care much for ebook readers or tablet computers.  I really didn't think there was a need for it.  Whenever I needed to read an ebook, I just used my laptop.  But now that I have my hands on a Kindle Fire - thanks to somebody great who gave me one as an early Christmas gift - I can see why many regarded this as the missing link.  Reading ebooks in an electronic publication format (EPUB, MOBI, KF8, etc.) is just more interactive and fun compared to reading it in PDF format.  And the best part of these tablet computers are the games!  The screen is bigger than those in your iPod Touch or Smartphones, making them more enjoyable to play with.  And when you're using the Amazon App Store, you get a free app everyday!     

Now, I'm simply addicted to WORDS WITH FRIENDS.  It's a free application that you can download from the Amazon App Store (you can also play this is Facebook).  Simply, it lets you play the game Scrabble with people all over the world!  All you need is a decent internet connection.  It's a great way to connect with friends and families who used to play the board game years ago.  And another good thing about this app is the fact that there's no time limit and you can simply check it on your free time.  I love waking up in the morning to check the app and to see that my opponents have already made their moves.  

Other apps that I'm fond of right now are ANGRY BIRDS, FRUIT NINJA, aPORKalypse, JELLY DEFENSE, FREE CELL, and LITTLE PIANO.  If you're fond of reading comics, I suggest you check out the COMICS application.  I downloaded the first issue (sample issue) of The Walking Dead and I had so  much fun reading while checking out the drawings.

At first it was a bit surprising to see that the new Kindle Fire doesn't automatically recognize MOBI formatted ebooks considering that the MOBI format is from Amazon.  It seems like Amazon has adopted a new ebook format called, Kindle Fire 8 (KF8).  So your new Kindle will not automatically detect MOBI formatted ebooks.  A few searches in the net will tell you how you can load these files on your Kindle Fire so you would be able to read them.  (Tip: Use CALIBRE and the FILE EXPERT app.)
Kindle FIRE!

If you're looking for a case to protect your Kindle Fire, I suggest you get the lightweight Microshell Folio cover from Marware.  You can get it from Amazon at a discounted price.  See the link below.

No, this is post wasn't really intended to be a review of the Kindle Fire, nor was it intended to be a review of the iPad2!  I just wanted to express my gratitude for this new toy.  Thank you!  And here's where I got the Kindle Fire vs. iPad2 concept.

Battling it out with the gift giver over dinner.  She on her iPad2, he on his Kindle Fire.

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