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Accessing Amazon App Store in your Kindle Fire (Outside the USA)

Here's a SIMPLE way to access the AMAZON APP STORE outside the United States.  These instructions are specifically for accessing the app store in the Kindle Fire but you can use the same instructions to access the Amazon app store using any ANDROID PHONE!

You ask why it might be good to be able to access the the store? I'll give you one good reason! The Amazon App Store features a FREE APP everyday!  Apps that otherwise would have costed you a dollar or two are made available for free!  Today I just got hold of the app - Kung Fu Panda Holiday!  I can't wait to try it.  On launch day, it gave out Angry Birds Rio! How cool is that? I wasn't able to get this app but I do have Angry Birds Seasons Free and Angry Birds Free.  Two Angry Bird apps that's more than enough to satiate your angry birds craving.  And who knows, Amazon App Store might just feature Angry Birds Rio as the free app for the day!  So what are you waiting for? Access the Amazon App Store now!  Instructions after the jump!

Accessing the Amazon App Store in your Kindle Fire

1. Deregister your Kindle Fire.  Go to the Kindle Fire Menu and select "My Account."  In the succeeding window you'll see the "Deregister" button.  Click to deregister your Kindle Fire.  If you just bought your Kindle Fire then it shouldn't be registered so you can skip this step.

2. Create a US Identity.  For now, the Amazon App store is only available for US residents with a US credit card and billing address.  To generate your own US identity, go to this site, choose your "Gender" and then click on the "Generate" button.  The site will give you a valid name, address, US credit card, and billing address.  Take note of these details.

3. Create new Email Address with your US Identity.  Go to and create a new account using your new US identity generated in step 2.  Make sure you choose United States as your country.  While  most would indicate that having a valid US credit card and billing address is enough to access the app store, somehow Amazon App Store is also able to check your location by using the email address that you used to register the Kindle Fire with.  I'm not really sure how they do it.  One thing I'm sure though is that using a valid US credit card and billing address is not enough to access the app store.

4. Register your Kindle Fire.  Register your Kindle Fire using the new email address that you created.  Click register in your Kindle Fire and use the gmail address you got in Step 3.  You will then be given an account.

5. Configure 1-Click.  After you've created your account, go to and sign in using your new account.  Click on "Your Account" and under the "Settings" row, look for "1-Click Settings."  Click on this.  Carefully input your new US Identity name, credit card number, and billing address.  Credit card number and billing address will be asked when you edit your Payment Options.    

6. Access the Amazon App Store.  In your Kindle Fire, access the app store by clicking on the "Apps" tab in the Home screen.  Try and purchase a free app.  Everything should go smoothly and you should be able to download apps that are for free.  Don't try and buy an app that's not for free.  I haven't tried this, I don't know what would happen.

There you go! In six simple steps, you should be able to access the Amazon App Store in your Kindle Fire.  When accessing the Books section, I was able to download some free books as well but the transition wasn't as smooth.  Sometimes I'm prompted with a message indicating that I'm using an invalid credit card number.  Amazon's book store might be using a different system.  

If you haven't gotten your own Kindle Fire yet, buy one now!  It's a perfect gift for your love ones this Holiday season!  It's only $199 USD.


Buy a cover for it as well.

Or if you're just looking for a good ebook reader, get the Kindle Touch for only $99 USD!

Android Phone users, check out this link for detailed instructions on how to access the Amazon App Store in your Android phone.

Downside: Your Kindle Fire will be registered in another's name.  If you're lucky, you'll get a US identity with the same first name as yours.  This way it won't be too awkward when you look on the top left side of your Kindle and see the owner's name.  (^o^)/

Once you've downloaded everything you need, you can always deregister and register back with your original email address.  Once the apps are in your device already, they will remain there as long as you don't uninstall them.  

As for logging in to social media and other email accounts, don't fret.  You can use your original email address for these.  Amazon won't really check for these because any of their clients including US residents can have email addresses and social media accounts that are not the same with what they used to register.  Besides, the owner has the right to lend his Kindle Fire to anyone.  This holds true as well for masking your IP address - I believe there's no need since US clients may travel abroad as well.  

Update (December 20,2011):  The Amazon App Store now checks your geo-location before allowing you to download even Free apps.  You'll need to mask your IP by using a VPN service in order to trick their server into believing that you are downloading from the US.  I've successfully done this using UltraSurf but I have concerns with the software as my anti-virus software detects it as a virus (Trojan).  I'll update you guys again when I've found a more suitable software that would still work.  

Update (December 21,2011): UltraSurf works!  If you download the version from the official UltraSurf site (here), the corresponding executable file is not recognized as a virus.  After unzipping the file, run the executable and click home.  Internet explorer will be launched.  Use this browser to access  Log-in with your US identity account and purchase free apps using this account.  Once you click the "sync" button in your kindle fire, you will then see the new apps you've purchased available for installation!  Hope this helps!  Enjoy!

Next up, How to read MOBI ebook files in your Kindle Fire!
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  1. don't you have to reinstall the amazon app store again ?

  2. Hi Pep!

    Nope. I didn't have to reinstall it in my Kindle Fire.
    Are you having problems with the steps?

    1. Nope actually I did this procedure weeks ago and , but i had to reinstall the amazon app store ,i guess , I intalled the amazon app store for android in my kindle fire .I dont know if that was neccessary but It worked !!

    2. Glad to know it worked. ^^

  3. I used my hotmail account " " and it worked too

    1. Good to know Villa ^^ Thanks for sharing.

  4. Can I have this app on my kindle fire or only in my computer and download apps from there?

    1. I haven't checked but I believe it still doesn't have a version that runs on Android.

      That's one of the setbacks of this process but it's the only one that seems to work for now.

    2. Well, it didnt work for me, but thanks anyways!

    3. sorry to hear that. Hopefully you'll be able to make it work soon.

      You're welcome.

    4. My problem is that it said that I didnt a Kindle device or reading app registered to my Amazon account.. I solved this by adding free apps to my wish list but now it knows Im outside of the US and it doesnt let me download stuff.. Any ideas of what can I do now?

    5. ???

      Maybe you skipped step no. 4 in the entry above. You must register your Kindle Fire with the email address you created in Step 3.

      And note that you have to use this email address as well when you sign in to using Ultra Surf in the Update portion. Hope this helps.

      If you've done step 4, try UNregistering your Kindle fire and do the process again from step 1.

  5. Now I deleted all the things on my wishlist and automatically "my" amazon account dont have my KF registered =/

  6. I Don't Know, but it didn't work for me
    I Done All the steps 1-6, but it still tell me that i have to have a Us payment Or something like that
    my OS 6.2.2, and My Kindle Is Rooted
    is that effect this method

  7. Is the ultra downloaded on the kindle or the pc

    1. On the PC.

      I'm not sure if this still works though.
      I got rid of my Kindle already. It's too much hassle just to download apps.

    2. Thanks, I will still try. keep up the good work


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