Saturday, September 10, 2011

US Open 2011 Men's Draw (Djokovic, Federer, Murray, Nadal)

Just take a look at the Men's draw in this year's US Open!  It looks like the current top 4 players are going to meet again in the semifinals. Normally though, the draw is made so that the top seed (1) faces the 4th seed while the 2nd seed battles it out with the 3rd seed in the semis.  In this year's US Open though, the top seed, Novak Djokovic, is slated against Roger Federer, the 3rd seed.  I was expecting Federer to face Nadal in the semis now that Djokovic has taken over the number one spot.  I don't know how this happened.  I guess it's not fixed.  And the only guarantee is for the top 2 seeds to not meet each other until the finals.  Regardless, the match ups of the current top 4 players are worth watching!  It's going to be a tennis-packed weekend!  

Due to almost 2 days of no tennis due to rain in New York though, the semifinals and finals schedule had to be moved.  The current schedule is as follows:  

US Open 2011 Semifinal and Finals Schedule (Eastern time)

Saturday, Sept. 10 11:00 Men's Singles Semifinals
Saturday, Sept. 10 19:00 Women's Singles Semifinals 
Sunday, Sept 11 - 12:00 Women's Singles Finals 
Monday, Sept 12 - 16:00 Men's Singles Finals 

In GMT + 8 Philippines time, 

Saturday, Sept. 10 23:00 Men's Singles Semifinals
Sunday, Sept. 10 07:00 Women's Singles Semifinals 
Monday, Sept 11 - 00:00 (Sunday midnight) Women's Singles Finals 
Tuesday, Sept 12 - 04:00 Men's Singles Finals 

So who's your bet to win in this year's US Open Grand Slam Tournament

New York, you've eluded me for another year!  I'll see you next year!

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