Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Showing a little Vulnerability is Beneficial

I came across this video, a TEDx talk by Brene Brown called "The Power of Vulnerability".  First and foremost, I'd like to acknowledge the person who found it first, The Faceless Trader!  To you, I say, thank you.

This video reminded me of why I started blogging.  In my first ever blog post (, I wrote:

People, even those closest to me, have come and said to me that they don’t really know who I am.  ‘Mahirap daw e-timpla’ ^^.  One factor I think is that I rarely share personal memories with them.  I was taken aback when I heard this because it’s not that I meant not to share but it’s simply because I hardly remember the details of any memory I have.  I also thought that they were not worth sharing.  But I was wrong, what I thought was worthless was actually what my friends wanted to know.  Every story, good or bad, happy or sad, opens me up to them.  Each life memory, tells them who I really am.  Letting them see pass through the image I project.  In return, in them, I see who I really am.
In a way I was saying that showing a little vulnerability by sharing not only the good things that happen to us but also those things that we are not so proud of can bring us closer to people.  It is what connecting is all about.  This was particularly hard for me because people who know me knows that I always strive for perfection.  I didn't want to show any vulnerability.  Now, I'd like to think that I know better.  Perfection is still a goal, but I've learned to embrace imperfection as well.  

Insights on "The Power of Vulnerability" and connecting with people:
  • Have a sense of worthiness.  Believe that you are worthy of love and belonging.
  • Have the courage to be imperfect.  Tell stories of who you are with your whole heart.
  • Have compassion to be kind to yourself first in order for you to be able to share it with others.
  • Connect with authenticity.  Be willing to let go of who you should be so you can be who you really are.
  • Embrace vulnerability.  Believe that what makes you vulnerable, makes you beautiful.  Be willing to do things even those that don't come with guarantees.  
  • Stop numbing emotions.  Selective numbing of emotions does not work.  Once we numb one, we numb all, including the good emotions.
  • Let ourselves be seen.  Love with our whole hearts.  Practice gratitude and joy.  Believe that we are enough.

Showing a little vulnerability is therefore beneficial.  It's time to embrace it and to stop numbing it.  I am worthy of love and belonging.  I am enough.


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