Monday, September 13, 2010

Falling Short of Expectation

Have you ever fallen short of your own or others' expectations? Well, it really wouldn't be that unusual.  Everybody probably have at one point in life.  What's probably more important though is that those expectations existed.  Would you rather have a world with no expectations? 

Don't worry this post is no longer about me.  Rather it's about two great rivals that I dearly miss watching on TV.

The US Open (Grand Slam Tennis tournament) 2010 has been airing on TV for a couple of weeks now and I watched in fervent anticipation only to be disappointed in the end.  These guys have fallen short of my expectations again.  Who am I referring to? It's no other than the no. 1 and no. 2 seeds of the tournament, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer, respectively.  The last time these two met on a grand slam final was way back in the Australian Open 2009 finals, the tournament where Federer broke down in tears after losing his 3rd straight grand slam final against Nadal.  I dearly miss their rivalry.  I was really hoping for a showdown in New York but Roger Federer lost his semi-finals match to crush my hopes again.

It may seem that Federer is purposely avoiding a match up against Nadal as when the Spaniard advanced to the finals, the Swiss suddenly played like he's having a bad day and lost in the semis.  In Paris and Wimbledon earlier this year, where Federer was the defending champion, he only managed to reach the quarterfinals while Nadal went all the way to win.  However, it is not all Federer's fault.  After that breakdown in Australia, Federer went on to win his first French Open title and then another Wimbledon title while Nadal was nowhere near him.  And in last year's US Open, it was Nadal who lost in the semis after Federer advanced to the finals first.    And in the Australian Open this year, Federer won while Nadal lost in the quarterfinals.  

Sigh.  I wonder when I would be able to see them play in a grand slam finals match again.  All these expectations are making me disappointed but hopeful and excited as well.

Maybe I'd get lucky and see them live in Melbourne on 2011. (^o^)/

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  1. Stephen kumusta ka na? Nagawi ako sa imo blog. Disappointed ka na wala Federer-Nadal sa US Open Finals bai? hehehehe...

  2. Thanks bai. yup disappointed ... sobrang lapit na sana. Fed was a point away.

    Bai, let me know who you are hehehe ^^

  3. bai sorry ha. wala diay nako na sulti ako pangalan. si leo lungay ni. Nindot man imo blog bai. unique ideas.

  4. thanks bai.

    imo pud bai, lingaw ... kataw.anan pa uban.

  5. lagi, puro non sense. hehehe
    ayo2x and see you around.


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