Friday, September 10, 2010


I decided that today would be the perfect day to write about my WORD.  I'm such in a good mood today.  If I don't start writing about it today, then tomorrow, when my mood changes, I might not write about it at all ever.  As a matter of fact, I've been in a good mood for a couple of weeks now, ever since I finished writing that article and thought of my Word.  

My positive outlook may have been connected with the performance of the Philippine Stock Exchange Index (PSEi) as well.  The PSEi closed at an all time high of 3902.56  yesterday, surpassing the index way back in 2007 before the global economic crisis hit.  This makes me happy because most of my income these past couple of years have been from trading in the stock market.  This week though, I got out a week too early and so I'm still waiting for the market to correct before I buy again.   If everything works out fine, I might squeeze out another 10% before the year ends. *fingers-crossed* (Southeast Asian markets are among the top earners worldwide this year.)   

Another reason why I chose today to officially announce my Word is because today happens to be World Suicide Prevention day.  I heard it in the news earlier.  And I couldn't believe it when I saw how much Japan spent last year on matters related to suicide.  The exact amount escapes me as of the moment but if my chinky eyes saw the monitor correctly, it was about 32 billion dollars!  Imagine that?!  With that kind of amount, I wonder how many hungry people we would be able to feed here in the Philippines.  Well, I just thought that maybe if the Japanese knew how to use my Word then there wouldn't be that many suicide cases in Japan.  The news report also said that in Japan they consider feeling lonely and depressed as a weakness while committing suicide as something honorable.  *tsk tsk tsk* (hand me the toothpick please, there's something stuck in between my teeth)

So here goes.  The word I've chosen for myself is simply "Bygones."  You've probably guessed that already from the title.  Richard Fish of Ally McBeal helped me find that word.  It was his favorite expression in the sitcom.  With the word comes the promise of learning how to let go of the past in favor of starting new beginnings for the future.  It also comes with a new concept I learned from the same book (Eat Pray Love) about controlling your thoughts.  Sometimes I tend to over think and generate thoughts beyond what actually transpired which usually leads me to loathness and anger.  It just dawned on me that my thoughts can actually be controlled as well.  I hope to put my instincts to better use, maybe into something that can be more productive like the stock market.  And the girl who would be able to say the same thing back to me, probably even do a little math and multiply it by itself, would be the ideal one.          

Next thing I wanna learn is how not to worry about money ever.  Okay, maybe a little worry is good but a little too much can be unhealthy as well.  As for tomorrow, I will go out to celebrate and eat Lechon served 5 different ways!  Looking forward to it.  Have a great weekend everyone.  

After thought:
>- In Japan, they actually have a TV ad to help prevent suicide.  In the ad, they hired a young professional soccer player who plays for the national team to deliver the message "kizuite hoshii, kokoro no koe o" which translates to "take heed of the voice in your heart" or as Beyonce might put it ... Listen to the song in your heart. (^o^)/

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  1. 5 ways?! Are you off to tayag's?

    Geez, i really don't know when to sell, greed and what ifs kick in when market is up. Do you liquidate all?

    Wa man prob sa money basta di ma sick and wa lang luho hehe

  2. Yup, Claude Tayag's ^^ *sarap*

    Just leave it if you're investing for the long time. Mas malaki pa rin eventually but keep yourself abreast of global crises para you can sell when something happens. If you're good in trading, you can maximize your earnings if you time it right - pero usually its done for cash inflow ata (instant)


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