Wednesday, June 09, 2010

How to Enjoy Dark Chocolate

     After exercising at least once a day for a whole week, my body started craving for sugar.  The problem with exercising is, after a few days, you tend to allow yourself a couple of guilty pleasures every now and then.  You begin to tell yourself that it's okay because you think you can just sweat all those calories out in a few exercise sessions.  The process can lead to an unhealthy habit which can balloon into something massive (meaning YOU!) once you stop exercising. 

     For a couple of weeks now (which was a month ago when I started writing this post hehehe), I've been craving for dark chocolate!  It's the IN chocolate right now.  Everyone is going dark!  Even Goya, a local chocolate brand, already started producing and selling dark chocolate.  

     Passing by a Watson's store in a nearby mall, I chanced upon Cadbury's Bournville Fine Dark Chocolate.  Without even blinking, I grabbed the chocolate and paid for it at the cashier.  A 70g bar costs around 80 pesos.  A bit expensive but hopefully worth every peso - and most of all worth every calorie!  Upon opening the package, I was surprised to see at the back a guide on how to appreciate dark chocolate.  It's the first I've seen of its kind so I'm sharing it here with all of you. (^o^)/

The Perfect Way to Enjoy Dark Chocolate:

  1. Fine dark chocolate delivers a unique experience.  So before you taste your dark chocolate, take a moment to savor its rich aroma.  This will help heighten your appreciation of the flavor.
  2. Take a bite.  A small one.
  3. Focus on the bouquet of flavors as the chocolate melts on your tongue.  Note the texture, the feel of it. Take your time.  A fine dark chocolate is NOT something you hurry.
  4. Take a deep breath.
  5. Continue to savor it bit by bit, taking time to enjoy the rich cocoa taste.

Wow!  Isn't it amazing? Follow this guide and the connoisseur in you will truly begin to appreciate dark

Warning: Although dark chocolates are rich in antioxidants, eat in moderation! Everything in moderation is the way to go. (^0^)v

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  1. Hi steph! I love dark ch0co ever since. Tried ths Cadbury's dark ch0co and i think its one of the finest :)

  2. haha at meron pa talagang perfect way to enjoy it. kahit wala yan enjoy ka for sure. hehe grabe cravings mo! :D

  3. @JOY Yup, I think it was really good as well. ^^

    @Freeze This was way before we went to KK. G.Tapol na and just finished writing this week hehehe. It was written on the pack - very interesting nga - but quite true. hehehe

  4. this reminds me of that movie - Ratatouille! ... only that, when the rat ate it wasn't bouquet of flavors he was focusing but he was savoring the flavors like there were fireworks happening ...
    but i do think the steps work for all good food.

  5. I love that movie! One of my favorites!

    You're right about it working for all good food. I really love the "taking a deep breath" part! Its just enough pause to make you realize that good food is meant to be enjoyed!


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