Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Mahal Kita Kasi (Because I Love You)

Just in time for Valentine's day.  A cheesy but still funny love song from Nicole Hyala entitled "Mahal Kita Kasi."  Found this on facebook.  Finally signed up for it just a few days back (to keep my promises).  Add me up - look for "Stephen Hb", the man in a surf board (^o-)/.  Continue reading to see the video.  Enjoy!

I'm still not totally comfortable with Facebook.  I must be getting really old. hehehe (^o^)/

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  1. hey! u have fb na? add me!:)

  2. haha finally! you'll get the hang of it, actually it's the older crowd that's on fb :)

  3. @cating

    added you na.


    seems like everyone is on facebook actually ... hmmm ... ayaw pahala nga puro oldies imo friends hehehe ^^

    pero i get what you mean, surprisingly, the older crowd is also active in FB ^^


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