Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year!

It's my first "ang pao" for the year!  Read on to receive your blessings! ^^

I received this during the eve of the Chinese New Year (tonight)!  It was such a surprise for me!  I can't remember exactly when I stopped receiving this from my relatives but I think it was still way back when I was still in school!  That was many many years ago.  And so I am happy to be receiving this tonight!  

If you look closely, the Chinese character is written upside down.  I've encountered this before but I don't exactly now the reason behind it.  Maybe some of you can help me out on this ^^

Every "ang pao" that I receive I usually put on my wallet!  My wallet has never been empty ever since!  I believe it brings me good fortune.  

And so, on this day, I share my blessings with you.  May all of you have good fortune during this year of the Golden Tiger as well!  Don't worry, there's more than enough blessings for everyone! (^o^)/  Share it with your friends as well.

Happy Chinese New Year!

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1 comment:

  1. now you know why it's upside down. hehe


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