Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Starstruck - Celebrity Meet and Greet

Oh wow! I met Philippine actor Cesar Montano at the mall today! He was so friendly. Not only did we talk - although I did most of the talking, he also allowed me to hug him while we had our pictures taken together. But wait! Just when I thought I couldn't be this lucky, he even gave me money! woohoo! Must be because he is running for governor in the coming May 2010 elections.

I know it's hard to believe. Therefore, to erase all doubts, I'm sharing the picture we took together. Then don't forget to continue reading this post to see the exact amount I got from him.

To be exact I was suppose to receive Php 5,032.98 which is the peso equivalent of $109.42 USD. They were so kind that they gave me Php 5033 instead. The lady that gave the money even said to "keep the change." (^o^)/

Well, this was really hard earned money because I waited 6 months to get it.! It's my second payment from Google! I was happy to know that I was still be able to reach the $100 dollar mark even though I was only able to post only 1 article per month, on the average, these past couple of months. It seems like once you've established your database of articles, the money will just keep coming in so long as you update your site once in a while. I guess this is the way to earn passive income and make money online.

The actor endorses Western Union - where all my Google payments go. (^o^)/ Anybody fooled by the first pic? Well, it's not a total waste of your time because the first 5 people to see me and say to me "I saw you with Cesar Montano." gets treated to dinner and a movie! That is if you can find me hehehe (^o^)/

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  1. hahaha... owe me!! ^^, pero did you really get to talk to him?? confused nako LOL

  2. ogh btw, that was me...jme :P

  3. hi jme!
    don't owe you pa cause we haven't met and you haven't said the magic words hehehe

  4. hehe nahalata ko na hindi totoong si cesar yun katabi mo sa 1st photo...
    but it doesn't matter, you're 5033 pesos richer! wow... i wish i can also reach that pedestal.. until now, i only have 6 dollars from those ads :)) LOL!
    *hint* *hint*

  5. @ellecul

    should have taken more time editing it. hahaha ^^

  6. daya, dapat pinost mo to before the trip.

    wow your second pay check! i'm still half way before my first pay check comes. :)

  7. I got if after the trip ^^
    you got treated to Cyma lunch and yohoho rum naman ah. hehehe ^^

  8. ah, hehe thanks a bunch. sa uulitin ;D

  9. wow! ka-nice. 2nd check! suya ko...

  10. @baberose

    yeah, really nice pero nothing to be envious about oi. hehehe
    good timing ra kaayo for the christmas season - atleast I have money for gifts to whomever and myself especially hehehe ^^


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