Friday, November 20, 2009

Lo Vivo Per Lei

Lo Vivo Per Lei!

Italian is such a romantic language.  Just listen to these songs and tell me if these don't touch your heart. hahaha (^o^)/  Click "Continue Reading" below to listen to the songs and learn what the title means.

I found these Italian kids on the internet.  Watch out for Gianluca Ginoble!  He might just turn out to be the next Andrea Bocelli.  Here he is singing "Vivo per lei" (I live for you) and "Mi Sono Innamorato di te" (I fell in love with you).

How was that? You might wonder how I ran into these kids.  Here's the answer.

Wow! What a year she's having!  m(_ _)m bow!  Look for her cover of the song "Listen" (in youtube) when she appeared on the  Italian program called "Ti Lascio Una Canzone" (I Leave You a Song).  It was worth listening to.  

Translations where provided by Google Translate :)

After his stint in the competition, the 3 teenage tenors in the competition formed Il Volo which means "flight" in Italian. Signifying how they want their careers to prosper into new heights!
You can buy their album at a very cheap price here.

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