Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Favorite TV Family

My favorite TV family for the moment has to be the Eppes family of NUMB3RS!  This series makes me wanna take up Applied Mathematics.  I just finish season 3.  And was so glad to find out that they are now on season 6!  That means more episodes to look forward to! But I couldn't believe that Colby Granger turned out to be a spy!  That was truly heartbreaking for the team.

Continue reading this article to find out why I love the Eppes family. (^o^)/

Although I don't understand most of the theories and concepts presented in the show, I've always loved math. I'm a math geek.  I've always done well in it except maybe for Math 54 back in college.  I did very poorly on that subject that I can't even remember what the course title was. (^o^)/  Good thing there was Og Mandino to save us.  Our professor made us submit book reports on any of Og Mandino's work for extra points!

Although the suspense and action entertains me, what I find most endearing about the show are the family and social dynamics in the story.  I realized that I don't only watch these series because they entertain me but also because they allow me to live life vicariously.  I won't elaborate anymore because this blog has been COMPROMISED! hehehe (^o^)/

To give you a clue, this prime time TV drama back in 2002, shown in the picture below, also got me hooked for similar reasons.  However, with NUMB3RS, it had an added factor that really got me.

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