Saturday, August 15, 2009

To be Young and Old At The Same Time

To be Old when you are Young
To be Young when you are Old
Are these the greatest ironies in life?

Time has a funny way of passing by.

Although not deprived of any childhood pleasures, one cannot help but think that one was Old when he was suppose to be Young.

Disciplined. Responsible. Serious.

Indeed, life was taken seriously just like how the old would want it to be.

And indeed life happened as it was expected to be. One by one money, power, fame, wisdom, and stability came. And yet both mind and body now yearns to be Young.

Adventurous. Witty. Carefree.

Mind and body very much willing but time and the environment has changed. Try as you may, now one knows better. Time only allows one to be young once.

I laugh and laugh as time passes by in a very funny way.

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