Friday, March 20, 2009

Secrets to Happiness - Part 2

Secrets to Happiness Part 2

As we learned in part 1, Happiness is not an emotion neither it is a mood.  Rather, happiness is a way of life!  We have control over our happiness, it is within our circle of influence.  In this next part, Bo shares the 7 Tools of Happiness.

7 Tools of Happiness
by: Bo Sanchez

I know of strange human beings walking this face of the earth who are extremely happy.  Not just moderately or mildly happy.  But deeply joyful.  (Hey, you may be one of them.  Congratulations!)
I know them.  Some of them are my friends.

Because of my work, I've traveled all over the world.  Last count: 36 countries.  That's a lot of frequent flyer miles, jet lag, and lost luggage.  But that also means I've met more people than the average person on the street.  It's not just the sheer number or the variety of people I've met.  Because I'm a preacher, I've not only met them, I've engaged many of them on a deep level.  Like on our first meeting (or phone call or email), they open up their hear and pour to me their problems like I was their soul amte.

So I have this distinct advantage of knowing lots and lots of people on an intensity that's beyond superficial.

So I asked myself this question:  Who are the happiest people I know?  I listed them down.  After sifting through the hundreds of thousands of people archived in my brain, I asked a more difficult question:  What is common among them all?

I came up with seven great things I see in extremely happy people.  I call them the 7 Tools of Happiness:
  1. Happy people create their destiny.
  2. Happy people like themselves a lot.
  3. Happy people nurture connections.
  4. Happy people find delight everywhere.
  5. Happy people embrace change.
  6. Happy people trust deeply.
  7. Happy people work their purpose daily.

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  1. Are you aiming to be the happiness expert? :D

  2. hahaha ^^
    hindi naman, just sharing the article and hopefully generate traffic and moolah with it. hehehe ^^


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