Friday, March 06, 2009

Next Clue: Tour Eiffel!!!

The Eiffel Tower
My travel companion showing a bit of photography brilliance taking this picture to perfection! (Thank you!)

I realized it's hard to be a photographer. Every time you have your picture taken, you want it to be good! I have to remind myself not to be a burden to my companions. hehehe ^^ (A few of you would be able to relate I'm sure. ^^)

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  1. correct! way to go rico! hehehe ^^
    what's SPL?

  2. uy i got something right. 1 out of 10. hahaha.

  3. anonymous = enrico ? ^^
    1 out of 10? who were your other guesses? hehehe ^^

  4. spl is spell meaning i forgot how you spell her name. hehe.

    and no, i'm not anonymous. :(

  5. that's me siot, the picture taker.

  6. suya far better na angle sa eiffel! :)

  7. nice bai... nasulod na ang eiffel tower sa photo, na frame pa gyud sa kahoy... nindota siguro isuroy diha oi... suya ko da...

  8. wow! aayyy.. makaibog man. but its a nice picture ha. i fully understand what you mean... hahaha. samok kaayo ka kauban ba lalo na when it comes to fotos, its angle ..180 or 360 degrees. hahahahaha. you always want it to be purrfect. hay naku, hard to please. hehehe.

  9. @Neil

    thanks! ^^ on our way back to the station we just stopped by underneath a tree to have this taken. Maganda din naman yun sayo. madali lang tao-tao sa paligid ^^

    THanks bai! nindot btaw, mahal lang!

    Parang ikaw lang naka-relate hehehe ^^


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