Thursday, March 05, 2009

Mystery Date - Guess and Win!

My mystery Valentine's Date! 

Guess her name correctly and win (a picture of me!) hehehe ^^

- Notice the setting
- Notice the clothes
- 8 Years after
- First met her in Nagano, Japan!

It was really nice catching up with you again ... ^^

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  1. You are killing us with the suspense!! I don't know her but I am sure she is not from Pinas.

    SPILL IT na beh...:-)

  2. hehehe ^^

    yeah, your guess is right.
    o nga pala, i thought you would have met her in Nagano as well ... baka si charm and rico lang makaka-guess nito and the rest of the just nine ^^

  3. I think we just missed one another when I came to Nagano. I know the other Canadian who came after her and stationed in Epson Murai. ;-)

  4. @Grace

    (^o^)/ thanks 4 dropping by ^^
    how about Miranda, did you meet her? ^^


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