Sunday, February 01, 2009

Australian Open Results!

My blog would be incomplete without a single post of the recently concluded Australian Open grand slam tournament! Here are the Australian Open results:

Roger Federer

Pushed Rafael Nadal into a fifth set but looked lost and baffled in the final set not knowing how to stop the one man spanish armada. At the awarding ceremonies, Federer broke down in tears! The last time I saw someone cry on court like that was when Jana Novotna lost to Steffi Graf at the Wimbledon final (1993?) when she was positioned to win leading 4-1 in the 3rd set but still lost to Graf. You can add to the list Martina Hingis after losing to Steffi Graf at the French Open!

That 14th grand slam title for Federer seems elusive. However, if Roger Federer can keep the errors down like he used to do, he surely can win over Nadal again. Who knows, this year might just be Federer's year at the French Open! That will even be sweeter! ^^

A first for the Spaniards!

Rafael Nadal becomes the first spanish player to win the Australian Open tournament! This 22 year old champion is gonna go the distance for sure. However, with the way he wins and plays, I wonder how long he will be able to sustain such level and intensity. (Sorry I'm a Federer fan. hehehe)

A first for the FILIPINOS!

Francis "Niño" Alcantara (right in picture below) becomes the first Filipino to win the Australian Open tournament! He won the boy's doubles tournament with partner Cheng Peng Hsieh. Hurray to the young champion from Cagayan de Oro! I hope he makes it big in the tennis world! Go Philippines!

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