Thursday, November 20, 2008

Marco Polo: Dark and White Chocolate Terrine

Dark and White Chocolate Terrine with Brandy snaps and Strawberry Coulis

Marco Polo Hotel - Davao City

This was served at Security Bank's Lower Tier 2 Subordinated Notes Presentation at Marco Polo Hotel Davao last Tuesday.  It was yummy, and the ice cream was so refreshing.  But if you ask me which one is the Terrine, which ones are the Brandy snaps and the Coulis, I can only guess but I really do not know for sure. hehehe (^o^)/ (Maybe you can help me out.)

The main course which was Grilled Chicken Skewer Topped with Spicy Peanut Sauce & served with Nasigoreng Rice was a favorite!  I even asked for my seatmates leftover skewer. hehehe (^o^)/

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  1. bigger ata budget nila dyan sa Marco Polo Hotel, dito not in a hotel kaya didn't attend na lng. tsk tsk tsk

    the heart shaped should be the terrine, the brandy snap on top and coulis is just the sauce.

  2. mukhang you did not listen to the presentation ha but concentrated on the food. hehehe

  3. @freeze

    maybe not really cause we didn't have buffet and 1 main course lang hehehe.


    yes, i went for the food talaga. Kahit mag-isa ako pumunta cause my mom didn't want to go ok lang kasi alam ko masarap food! tsaka eat and run talaga. hehehe although they knew people were gonna do the same so while serving the food they started the presentation already. I posted the details of the offering in my other blog ^^

  4. @freeze

    and there roadshow sked only indicated manila and davao pala. Maybe the president didn't plan go to Cebu na kaya not big time diha sa cebu.

  5. ay ganun. there's a special invite for cebu. Bpi is also offering the same product.

  6. The tall, brownish, caramelized looking thin crisp is the brandy snap :) That's all I know.


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