Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Are you for sale?

In the news today, former speaker of the House Jose de Venecia Jr. said that everybody is for sale in the Philippines. He has been quoted in the Philippine Daily Inquirer as saying "Everybody is for sale in this country, even when we go to our districts, many of the citizenry are for sale. Their votes are for sale."

So are you for sale?

I certainly am not! And I think majority of the Filipinos are not as well. I may be inclined to do favors for acquaintances, friends, and family but my decisions will certainly not be based on who gives the greatest amount of bribe! The nerve to call everyone in this country for sale and call for a nationwide cleansing of souls! Where were you at the height of the scandal? And why have you surfaced only just now? If you really are for true cleansing, I challenge you to start with yourself and enumerate all the bribes you have received and initiated!


I never thought I would blog about politics. I hate politics. I just couldn't restrain myself this time. Don't be fooled by that droopy eyebrows "kawawa" look of his.

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1 comment:

  1. my dream of having a decent government in the philippines is just an impossible dream...

    and i'm not for sale mr. jdv.


Thank you.

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