Friday, October 03, 2008

Quotes from Lunch Queen

I haven't gotten over the series "Lunch Queen." Here are some quotes I got from the series that I know you'll love!

"Koi wa ii mon nan da yo. Koi suru to, shigoto mo ganbarou to omou shi, amari muzukashiku kangaenaide tanoshimeba ii."

which I translated to

"Love is a good thing. When you fall in love, you feel inspired to do a lot of things like doing good at work. You shouldn't think too much about it, instead it would be better if you just enjoy it."

"Namida to tomo ni tabeta hito denakereba, jinsei no aji ga wakaranai." - Goethe

which they translated in english as

"If you've never eaten while crying, you don't know what life tastes like."

This was actually the theme of the movie. I searched for the saying from Goethe in english but couldn't find the exact lines. I think they may have gotten it from his poem "Who never eat with tears his bread."

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