Friday, September 12, 2008

I've Got Mail

I've got mail! And it's no ordinary mail! It actually smelled like DOLLARS! I received the card below through post mail yesterday.

If you've received one before, you would know that this is the postcard from Google containing your Google Adsense PIN. That means I've finally made it pass that $10 mark! hihihi (^O^)v Not really much for now, I know, but I've no plans of stopping there. I was just so impressed with the postcard from Google. The paper was smooth and the print was bright and in colors! Definitely, it stood out from the rest of my post mails. It made me feel SPECIAL. hihihi. Thanks Google!


You might have noticed the influx of sponsored post from my site. I'm sorry if you don't like them, but I hope you'll understand. I'm just trying out this new stuff. I try to keep my post relevant and funny as much as I can. And I make it a point to leave you with something you can appreciate. (^O-)v

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