Monday, September 01, 2008

100th Post: Opportunities

This is my 100th post! Who would have thought I'd reach this mark. I never thought I had it in me to write so many posts. Back in high school, I dreaded writting English and Filipino compositions! It was a torture to try and think of a topic and much more write about it. I preferred receiving a Math problem anytime of the day.

Hmmm .... 100?
So whatever happened to the 100 Push Up Challenge you might ask. Well ... I sort of stopped doing it already. hehehe. I didn't realize that the program requires you to repeat a single week until you achieve the limit for the following week. I thought everything would be finished by the 7th week! Just couldn't motivate myself enough to continue with the program. I was able to do 35 push ups, in one go, the last time I tried. I think I'll just workout to maintain that mark. No more trying to go all the way to 100. (^O-)/

Last friday, I received a call and got not just one but two opportunities in life. However, I was hesitant to take any of it. Somehow, I've been so accustomed with my current lifestyle that I'm so lazy to try and change anything anymore. But then, I received my first free copy of Men's Health magazine that same day. The first line I read was "If an opportunity is given to you, take it. Don't think twice." It's a quote from Derek Ramsay, cover for September 2008.

So now, if everything works out with these new opportunities, I'm wondering who I should thank. Should I thank Derek Ramsay for coming up with the quote? Should I thank Men's Magazine for putting him on the cover? Should I thank the delivery boy and Summit Media for delivering my copy that day? Should I thank BDO Shop More credit card for giving me the free subscription? Should I thank the person who offered me the opportunity? Should I thank everyone of them? Or should I just thank myself?

What about you, to whom do you think should I send my thank you-s to?


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  1. Congrats!... and Good Luck with whatever you choose :D

  2. thank no less than yourself for making that bold move. :)

  3. congratulations on reaching the 100 the mark in blogging ... keep it up!

  4. @freeze

    oi i have a fan. hehehe thanks!


    thank you!
    see you around for my next 100 ^^

  5. does this mean ur a certified blogger na step? hehehe...musta naman ka oi?

  6. @anne

    ok man ko, salamat! ^^


Thank you.

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