Wednesday, November 14, 2007

getting ready

In a weeks time I’ll be going back to school! After 7 years, I wonder how school would be like. A bit excited but also apprehensive of the additional load it will take. Classes are only held at night so I don’t have an excuse to ditch work. (^.-)v

Not until recently, I didn’t realize I would need a notebook. “How hard could it get?”, I thought. In college or high school, a notebook may make or break you. But now, I’m attending graduate school, it shouldn’t matter, or so I thought. Going to the local bookstore after classes had already started for all other levels wasn’t such a good idea. As it turned out, most notebooks were already sold out. The only good ones left were Batman or floral themed ones. What was I to do? Do people in graduate school carry Batman notebooks? ….

It took me the whole afternoon to decide!
And I ended up with these …

Finally, some use for some of the junk I took home with me from Japan ^^ wehihihi ^^

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  1. this really cracked me up - the notebook thing!
    good luck on your ... studies!

  2. good luck on your studies! what and where will you be studying? will you still be working during daytime?

  3. WAHAHAHAH! and you asked pa "do people in graduate school carry batman notebooks?" WAHAHAHAHA! and now i ask "do people in graduate school carry anime notebooks?" wahahaha :) I guess the answer is now YES!

  4. LOL! nice notebooks steph!
    and good luck!

    By the way, I tagged you in my latest post. hehe

  5. It's a good thing that your fellow grad classmates are already beyond the phase of picking on the kid with the funny notebook...*kidding*

    Goodluck Steph!


  6. OMG di yan bagay! unless you take up masters in animation hehe

    where ka nag enroll?goodluck!

  7. hey guys! dami replies ah!
    thanks you so much! ^^

    I'm taking up MBA at Ateneo Davao ^^

    Yup, would still be reporting at our tindahan everyday. I stopped being a software engineer na - pagiging blogger nalang ang natira hehehe ^^ Might try teaching nihongo here in Davao ^^

    Just they try and make fun of my notebook, hindi ko sila pakokopyahin. hehehe ^^

    Tag na pud? huhuhu ^^

    Just in case you guys didn't notice, the yellow page is actually an ad for "Kill Bill" with Uma Thurman. And the B&W print is for Bulletproof Monk with Chow Yun Fat. ^^

    Salamat ulit!

  8. wow! MBA!

    you really are into your passion now... i supposed.

  9. @rose

    wala nay passion2x oi. just getting by life hehehe


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