Sunday, November 18, 2007

1st Day High-Low

And so I went to my first class last Saturday. I called the school before I went to make sure that classes have officially started. (Last Monday I went to the school only to find out that they have postponed the start of classes until next week). I wasn’t so excited to go as it was raining the whole day. I went anyway, as my father wasn’t so please to hear me talk about trying to ditch school.

At the school, I marched with my new school ID (140 PHP), and went to the assigned classroom. “Hello classmates!” of course, I didn’t say this out loud, but I was surprise to see lots of people in the room. I checked out their notebooks (of course!) but didn’t see much. Hehehe (^^;) I’ll take a better look next time. Took a seat by the 3rd row and waited. To my dismay, the teacher didn’t arrive! I guess the system still hasn’t changed.

Way back in college, I would have been happy to know that the teacher’s not coming. But now that I’ve experienced working for my own, I guess my perspective has changed. I want value for my hard-earned money. (Okay, papa & mama’s hard-earned money hahaha ^^) In any case, my time is still precious (even if it’s just to bum around for now). Hahaha ^^

Another interesting fact was that even after 30 minutes of waiting, nobody left the room. I wonder if this is the system here in Davao. Back in UP, we only waited for the teacher around 15 minutes. I was the only one who went out after thirty. I did check with the administration and got confirmation that the teacher has called to cancel the class before I left.

I’m hoping that tomorrow’s class will be different. *fingers crossed*

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  1. How'd the second day go? :D

  2. @hoop

    the 2nd day was better. Atleast the teacher arrived on time. ^^ Most of my classmates are engineers as well. no fun hehehe ^^

  3. so you're in grad school now? he he. enjoy schooling steph. study hard.

  4. unsa imo gi skwelahan steph?:)

  5. @novz

    thanks! yup, night school ra man. late dinner lang pirmi hehehe (not for you?) hahaha ^^


    I'm taking up MBA sa Ateneo Davao ^^

  6. step, I tagged you in my new site.

  7. ideru ( 2:08 PM

    hahha sakto gyud, 15mins ka lang titser pag ma late ka wala na class hehee

  8. @Ideru

    ^^ I guess the Ignatian way is different. hehehe ^^ Huwat jud ug announcement na walay klase. hehehe


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