Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Rome at Night!

Well one blog post certainly wasn't gonna be enough to showcase the beauty of Rome at night time.  Here are more pictures taken during our first night in Rome, Italy.  I am simply in love with this country.

When in Rome, you might want to join the Free tour being offered by NEW ROME FREE TOURS.  Just meet the guide at the right side of the Spanish Steps everyday at 5:30pm.  If you liked the tour, be kind enough to give a the guide a generous tip in return.

The majestic TREVI FOUNTAIN.  Throw in one coin to get a chance to come back to Rome.  Two coins if you wanna get married.  And three coins if you want to make another wish.

More pictures after the jump!
According to our guide, all coins thrown in the fountain are collected by the city government and given or are used to support the poor communities.

A Gondola themed fountain in front of the Spanish Steps.

Grab a bite or something to drink from mobile kiosks all around the city.

A crib or the nativity scene of Jesus Christ in one of the churches - reportedly one of the oldest in existence.  Most churches we visited in Rome had their own nativity scene displayed.  Even St. Peter's Basilica had its own version.

Another nativity scene.  Can you spot where Mary, Joseph, and Jesus are?

The Castle of Angels is full of angel statues made by Bernini.  According to our guide, two of the angels in the actual castle are actually replicas of the 2 found in this picture.  Can you spot one?  Like what our guide said, The whole city of Rome is truly an open air museum.  There's no need to go in the museums just to see art by famous artists.  These angels are a testament to that.  This church is open to the public for free.  It's located near the Spanish Steps.

In ancient Rome, people put images of the Virgin Mary to protect their property.  This is one of those buildings probably more than 500 years old already.

A church cloister.  While it's bustling in the streets of Rome, this church cloister provides peace and serenity for those seeking peace and quiet.  It is open to the public - you just have to know where to find it.

Rene Cavaolli Venezia shoes!  Each pair reportedly costs around 600 Euro (~30,000 pesos).

Antico Caffe Greco - the oldest Caffe in Rome according to our guide.

The Pantheon looks no less majestic whether it be day or night.

The famous Spanish Steps!  Most travel guides would advice for you to come here just to people watch.  It's harder to do in winter when the weather is freezing cold but still a lot of people do.

A panoramic view of the Trevi Fountain taken by the Sweep Panoramic feature of my Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray Phone.  Even in winter, people do come here just to hang out aside from the usual photo and make-a-wish session.
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  1. so how many coins did you throw this time? :)

    i miss rome! this is one place i'd love to go back to. i'm envious! :D

    1. your comment was marked spam! boo hoo. i didn't throw any i think. but i'm sure hoping I can still go back someday. Italy is the best!


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