Saturday, February 04, 2012

Buona Notte Roma! Colloseo and Navona Night!

Throwing a single coin at the Trevi Fountain 6 years ago seemed to have worked as I am now back in Rome to enjoy her beauty once more.  After taking a night stroll on our firstnight in Rome, despite the cold winter weather, we just had to go back out on our last night to see more of Rome’s magnificent sites.  For this night, we went to see the Coliseum and Piazza Navona. 

While the Forums and the Coliseum (part of Ancient Rome ruins) are close at night, the Coliseum grounds are open for everyone to enjoy.  In fact, I would say that the Colloseo is much more beautiful to look at at night.  Just see for yourself.

More Rome, Italy pictures after the jump ^^

Mesmerized by the site, one can’t help but be playful and romantic! 

Reminisce the ardor of young love in old relationships under the yellow street lamps.

While newlyweds bask in love’s bliss.

After enjoying the view that the Colloseo has to offer.  We went to Piazza Navona.  In this square (more like an oval really), there are two fountains.  One is the famous Fountain of Four Rivers which you may recognize from the movie Angels and Demons.  This fountain as with many other artworks in Rome was made by Bernini.

Behind the fountain is a church.  Inside you’ll find St. Anthony, the patron saints of lost articles.  Offer a candle for something you lost whether it be material things or something more illusive like your one true love.

All that art and walking will eventually get you tired.  Enjoy Al Fresco dining just around the piazza.  We tried Panzirone, the oldest surviving restaurant in the square, serving customers since 1900.  While a bit costly, the food wasn’t bad at all. 

If you’re the romantic type, buy a long-stemmed rose from one of the vendors or be serenaded by Elton John songs while enjoying your dinner.  Afraid of the cold? Don’t worry, these dining areas are well heated. 

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