Friday, July 22, 2011

Durian Flavored Lenguas de Gato

Durian Lenguas de Gato
A good friend was kind enough to send me two tubs of these super yummy Durian-flavored Lenguas de Gato.  Another classic confection that has been given a makeover to stand out from the rest.  You might think that you'll hesitate to try this confection if you don't like Durian but you really don't have to worry.  The Durian taste is very light.  It just adds the right amount of fragrance to add a new twist to this all time favorite.  And check out how thin these Lenguas de Gato are!  I wonder how the pastry chef was able to pull this off.

So thin and crispy! Only in Davao City

This wonderful delight is a welcome addition to the many Durian-flavored creations one can only find in the city of Davao. It'll make a great substitute or alternate to the ever popular Durian Yema as pasalubong.  But these are quite costly though as they retail for 160 pesos per tub.  They are made by Wency Cornejo and are available at Cafe Demitasse.  I heard that soon they plan to roll these out in local supermarkets as well.  If the cost remains this high though, I don't think they'll do very well.
Durian Lenguas de Gato in Davao City - Party time!
Some friends of mine just can't wait to get their hands on these! And by the way, they also come in Ube and Vanilla flavors.  I haven't tried any of those flavors though.

Once the tub was opened, the chips literally went flying and in just a span of minutes, all that were left were crumbs!  Good thing I caught the culprits red handed!  And good thing I had another tub all for myself! Yum yum!

Culprits! Tarango Zoo Penguins.

Guess who ate more between the two? 

No doubt, it was the one who now can barely swim and stay afloat! Even have his back turned on me! (^o-)v  

Got these babies when I visited Tarango Zoo in Sydney, Australia.  After 3 years, one can barely swim.  Who can blame him when the owner keeps feeding them calorie-filled goodies right?  

Gudday mate!

Cafe Demitasse
727 F. Torres St., Davao City

While you're there already, try their Banoffee Pie as well! One of the best I've had.

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