Monday, June 27, 2011

Daily Contentions

Yummy fried Dilils (Anchovies)!  One simple dish that's one of my favorites.  But before you salivate with me, take a closer look at the picture please and read on to know the full story.

  • It used to be just hairs.
  • It used to be just worms.
  • Now, finally, something inedible finds its way to my food - a staple!
Just one of the daily things I have to contend with.  What makes me stay you say? 

Is it Love?
Is it Filial Piety?
Is it Comfort?
Is it Convenience?
Is it the Inheritance?

Hmmm .... 

They say that no one will ever understand your crazy family like your siblings.  And it's suppose to be "Best Sister Week!", so to my only sister thank you for being such a wonderful sister - most of the time. hehehe (^o^)v  Maybe I should take your cue and follow your footsteps.

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  1. steph! send me a food story for my new project beh:) hehehe. you have great food finds(uhm, not the staple though):D

  2. what about man ting? what's your new project d.ay?

    does it have to be something you can do there in SG? resto or make on your own? ^^

  3. food stories lang. anywhere in the world:) hehehe


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