Wednesday, March 02, 2011

FAKE-ation or CLINK-ation!

According to Sandhya Iyer of Goa, a Fake-ation is "a vacation where a large part of your time is spent reading emails and being engaged in other work-related tasks."  In short, it's a Fake vacation!  For the record, I hate doing Fake-ations.  Furthermore, I hate travelling with people who are Fake-ationing!  Don't you?

Recently though, I have been lucky to join two trips which albeit with a little Fake-ationing on the side, were totally CLINK-ationing in the end!  A CLINK-ation is a vacation that will make you CLINK! A vacation that will render you speechless and all you can do is make a CLICKING sound while WINKING.  You may add raising your hands in the air while gesturing the OKAY sign for a totally CLINK-ationing time!    

Both trips were a little work-related as I was just officially tagging along with my sister on her business trips.  According to her though, I'm her "official photographer" as how she jokingly introduced me during one cocktail party.  Which reminds me to remind her to give credit to the photographer on her Facebook page! hahaha (^o^)v *just joking*  

That cocktail party happened in New Delhi, India!  I had to sharpen up my English and conversation skills in front of a multitude of lawyers (not to mention that they are already partners in their respective law firms) coming from the different regions in Asia.  It was highly intimidating but I think I managed the pressure fairly well.

Aside from New Delhi, we also went to this city.  

Simply amazing, right?  The building on the left is the Marina Bay Sands hotel.  This is the view as seen from the Esplanade side.  This city constantly amazes me.  The last time I was here, I was blown away with the structures in Clarke Quay!  Truly an architect's haven.  This is the city of Singapore.

I came back home with a multitude of experiences and thousands of stories to tell.  I look forward to sharing them with you in the coming days.  In the mean time, I still have a hangover from my recent trip.  I still can't stop reading and learning interesting facts about the places we've visited, particularly India!  Now that's the ultimate sign that you have just had a CLINK-ation!        

I wish that everyone who reads this will never have to experience a FAKE-ation!  Except maybe when you're calling in sick, even when you're not, just to take a break from work.  According to the article which I actually found in a local newspaper in India, that still qualifies as one.  And of course, I wish that every vacation will be a CLINK-ation for everyone from now on! CHEERS!

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  1. Di man lang nagparamdam sa SG?

  2. @anonymous sino ka?

    Chepots? HMP? hehehe. Hindi na ako nagparamdam kasi hectic sked at friday night lang ang free day tapos uwi na agad by monday ^^ Parate na rin kasi ako nanggugulo sa inyo kaya break muna. Next time ulit ^^ hehehe

  3. awesome! looking forward to reading about your India trip. was supposed to go there last December to attend a friend's wedding.

  4. hay naku tes!

    you should have gone! I can only imagine how marvelous that wedding would have been. Ok na experience sana. Saw some wedding ceremonies in bollywood movies hehehe ^^

    If ever you go, diretso ka na rin ng Bhutan and Nepal ^^

  5. aba oo nga di ka nagparamdam hmpf.

    hindi ako si anonymous. richard istatue?

  6. feeling ko nga si richard din yan. matampuhin e. hahaha

  7. It sounds like you had a great trip.
    I hope you didn't act like a annoying chaperon to your sis! ;)

  8. hahaha ^^ We get annoyed with each other all the time charm hehehe. It's part of the thrill ^^

  9. kailangan ko lang umuwi sa 'pinas talaga last dec. but i'm definitely still going! (ala 'eat, pray, love') maybe squeeze in Tibet, too! :)

  10. ah ok ^^ so you're planning to go to Bali and Italy as well? ^^

    Yup, mura ok pud mag Tibet!

  11. more pictures step, kanang maka suya hihi :)

  12. oops, this comment belongs to the India post. haha


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