Monday, October 05, 2009

Extra Money in the Web

Here's how I made extra money using my digital camera and computer!  I wrote about this money making scheme before.  My entry was published in the June 2009 issue of Mabuhay Magazine, the in-flight magazine of Philippine Airlines.  I received my check payment together with a free copy of the magazine last August 2009.  They were kind enough to send the check all the way to my home address and I didn't have to pay a cent for courier.  Continue reading this article to know more about this promo.

Guess which entry is mine. ^^ I have another one coming up this October!  But sad to say, pictures are now only worth 500 pesos while travel anecdotes are now worth 1,000 pesos!  What are you waiting for?! Put those creative juices to work!  The thing is ... with travel anecdotes ... it doesn't have to be real!  It can be a figment of your imagination (^o^)/  Here's where you can make extra money and learn where to send your entries.

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  1. easy money for you, steph! bangka na pud.

  2. you've posted about this before right?

    oh yeah, now i remember when i saw that mag. haha several months ago, good times!

    see ya around soon.

  3. @freeze

    ikaw ... cge lang ka travel ba.
    hehehe ^^ I'm beginning to understand why ... ^^

    see you guys soon!

  4. hmm... don't quite get what your so called understanding is. hehe

  5. don't mind me. i always act like i know and understand everything hehehe ^^


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