Monday, August 24, 2009

Wakeboarding in Davao! Yoohoo!

Finally! Wakeboarding is here in Davao!  The Deca Wakeboard Park will open this coming August 28, 2009! Who wants to go with me?! (^o^)/ Read on to know more.

I love the Sun!  And I love the Water!  This is a perfect new sport for me to try.  As a kid, I always wanted to try skateboarding but it was never a big thing here in the Philippines.  And it can be quite scary falling on hard concrete.  This time I can try it on water!  I'm excited.  Anything to break the monotony of life  here in Davao!  I hope I can find a regular group to go with.  

The Deca Wakeboard Park here in Davao is said to be the largest in Southeast Asia with a wakeboarding lake of around 7 hectares! Wow!  And aside from wakeboarding, there will also be WIFI, Restaurants, Sports Shop, and a Massage Center!  

According to one site, here are the rates for wakeboarding:
P 300 - 1 hour
P 700 - Half day
P 1000 - Whole day

Here's the map to the site.  See you there! 

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  1. count me in! haha as if.

    ang bilis ng construction ah.

  2. don't know when it started. just heard of it recently.

    hopefully the facilities are really world-class as it promises. ^^

  3. This is the coolest waters sport ever, besides rafting. I really is hard than it looks, I wiped out six times before I really got I going and managed to stay afloat. Totally awesome experience, definitely coming back next summer.


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