Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Derek Jeter (NY Yankees captain, baseball superstar), a balding Tiger Woods (golf superstar) and Roger Federer shows you what it takes to be a superstar in this video from Gilette. 

Here's to Confidence!

Yes, confidence is all that it takes!  It is usually the ones who initiate, speak out their minds, take risks, and let it all out that are successful in life.  It doesn't matter whether they are right or wrong, so long as their confidence lead them to action.  Act with confidence and everything will more likely fall into place.

Even my Economics professor agrees.  He said that what we're really paying for in our MBA education is how to acquire confidence.  The confidence to speak out, argue, defend, and implement our proposals.  Do you agree?

With regards to the video, I have to say that Federer looked a bit awkward. hehehe (^o^)/  Derek and Tiger looked more natural.  Although I don't follow baseball and haven't seen Derek Jeter in action, I saw an interview of him once and I have to say that all three of them possess a certain quality that I admire.  And that is humility.

For me, Confidence and Success without Humility is "never mind".

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1 comment:

  1. siot, he made this comment in his facebook in relation to this ad:
    "It was fun filming this spot for Gillette... I still can’t believe they convinced me to wear these ridiculous shoes... its nice sometimes to have some fun with the boys!"


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