Thursday, May 28, 2009

Senate Hearing on the Hayden Kho Scandal

Breaking News!

Today marked the start of the Senate Hearing on the Hayden Kho Scandal.  The hearing is as dramatic as it promises.  After only a few minutes of watching the news, a policeman wearing a press ID poured a bottle of water over Hayden Kho just as Katrina Halili was entering the room.  The said policeman said that he just went crazy and decided to do that.  Wow!
Orchestrated? Maybe.  Hayden Kho requested for a private session while Katrina Halili on the otherhand, wants a public session. 

Hayden Kho, under oath, blamed Katrina Halili to introducing him to taking drugs.  In his own words,  he said that their relationship was mostly "drugs and sex, drugs and sex."  Katrina Halili strongly refutes his statements and said under oath as well that she does not and have not taken drugs.


I think for the first time in Philippine history, due to the gravity of the other allegations, a sexy actress admitted to having liposuction without any hesitation.  (*very interesting*)

Dr. Vicky Belo, although not present during the hearing, was represented by his attorney.  She prepared a sworn statement which was read at the hearing.  Although people have not noticed it yet, in her sworn statement she said that she ordered Eric Chua and Bistek Rosario, two of Hayden's friends, to retrieve the computers from Hayden's apartment and search for a sex video between her and Hayden.  Upon knowing that the computer was password protected, Eric volunteered to hire a computer expert to hack the computer and retrieve the file.  She then said in her statement that she left the two to do their thing and that later on Eric found her and gave her a DVD copy of not only a sex video of her and Hayden but also of Hayden and all of his girls.  She then said that she "destroyed" the said DVD and hard drive.  

As to how the DVD and hard drive was destroyed was not elaborated!  If she simply threw them away ... ay naku.  

I wonder why it wasn't elaborated.  Could they be deliberately leaving loopholes so as that no one will be able to pinpoint how the videos were leaked? 
Hayden Kho has just admitted to taking the videos, taking drugs, and buying drugs on his own will! He  may think that being sorry and portraying to be a victim in this whole incident as well will save his ass!  I think he's dead meat! ^^

Anyway, is anybody searching for the Dr. Vicky Belo - Hayden Kho Sex Video? Well, I don't have it and I'm not interested.

In the meantime. Hayden Kho has just revealed the existence of a fourth video with Katrina Halili!  I only have three!  Where's the 4th Hayden Kho - Katrina Halili Sex Video Scandal?!  

I don't want it as well.  Let's respect women.  (Most of my readers are women kasi hehehe ^^). 

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