Monday, April 27, 2009

Miss Philippines Earth

Have you ever been to a beauty contest?

My cousin got complementary tickets for the Miss Philippines Earth Cultural Night last week. When he invited us, he only said that it was Miss Earth. A totally different pageant all along as the Miss Philippines Earth is only the Philippines’ selection process for the international pageant that is, Miss Earth. Anyway, we went anticipating to be surrounded by beautiful ladies all night long!

The cultural night turned out to be the pre-pageant judging for the national costumes! Although the costumes were not as skimpy as we hoped them to be, it was exciting to see the artistry of each costume and the “gimik” of each contestant. One contestant came out in a huge gown and headdress covered with masks, literally bumping contestants out of the way during the presentation. She also brought with her a stick which she used to stomp the floor twice to grab attention. Unfortunately, on one incident, she almost slipped on stage because of the stomping. (^o^)v Another contestant brought party poppers on stage and set them off with a loud bang before introducing the municipality where she came from. One girl turned the evening into a semi-talent night by dancing her tribe’s native dance after presenting herself. Another girl came dressed as a peacock! What made it extra interesting was that she can drop the tail and raise it on demand, just like a true peacock! (However, next time she should take note that only male peacocks have glamorous tails hehehe ^^). The crowd went aaaahhh when she turned around and on her tail was written “Save the Earth.”

Another thing to look forward to in beauty contests is the blunders of each contestant! Contestant no. 1 totally forgot to introduce herself! Imagine that. She didn’t let this put her off though as she went to the mic to introduce herself just before her batch of contestants were set to leave the stage. And there is of course, the regular problem of girls trying their hardest to speak in English to impress the judges. The majority of this year’s contestants however, turned out exceptionally good in public speaking. Could this be a result of the call center boom?

The night ended with a single contestant winning both RCBC’s e-Woman award and the Best in National Costume award. Immediately, we thought “luto!” (rigged-results). The girl turned out to be the Bb. Pilipinas (Miss Philippines) contestant who was disqualified because of appearing in a men’s magazine (FHM). To her defense, she’s really pretty. She also sounded and looked very elegant on stage. Adding to that is the extra drama she put to her presentation when at first she covered her face with a glamorized feather duster and slowly revealed her beautiful face while walking up stage. However, we still think that others may have been more deserving of the Best in National Costume award. Never mind the RCBC e-Woman award. Hehehe (^o^)v

ABS-CBN caught everything on tape! Here's the TV Patrol report from Mario Dumawal. Too bad we didn't see Ginger Conehero!

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  1. you've seen all these? good for you. must be really fun to see a display of beautiful women in front of you.
    how about the bikini portion?

  2. wala nga e! it was the national costume competition only. the bikini competition was held the next day somewhere by the pool. hehehe sayang.

    May 10 is the pageant night, btw ^^


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