Monday, March 30, 2009

Good News for OFWs

Here's some good news for everyone, especially for Overseas Filipino Workers! (OFWs)

Is anybody you know graduating this year but unfortunately you couldn't make it back home to attend the graduation rites?  Make your greetings extra special and show them how proud you are by posting your greetings at the Philippine Star's Graduation '09 Webspecial.  Who knows? Philippine Star might decide to publish the greetings one day.  That's free publication for you!  Hurry and greet the new grads now!  (Don't know anyone graduating? Why not pretend! hehehe ^^)  The site will run until the end of April.

The site also welcomes messages from new graduates wishing to extend their thank you's and greetings online.  (You can pretend to be one as well! ^^ Might as well take the opportunity to thank someone you'd been wanting to thank for a long time. (^o-)v )

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