Monday, December 08, 2008

Go ReD!

There's a new mobile telecommunications service provider in the country! It's Red Mobile! There TV ad really made me laugh. Just see for yourself.

Clearly, they are targeting SUN cellular subscribers to switch. With a voice call rate of only 50 cents / minute, it's truly a bargain. (^^;) (A lot still can't afford the Php 350 / month unlimited call rate of SUN.  But with Red Mobile's offer, you only have to pay for the calls that you actually make.  I tried SUN's 4 hours plan  at Php 150 before, I couldn't even consume all of it. hehehe ^^)

I've only seen their ad tonight but their TVC's are already in youtube and they have entries in Wikipedia already! Internet marketing has really gone a long way.

And based on that Wikipedia entry, it turns out that Red Mobile was previously marketed as ümobile by CURE (Connectivity Unlimited Resource Enterprise, Inc.) (love the names!) and it's been operating since 2006. It was rebranded to Red Mobile when SMART bought the company March of this year. Now, with SMART people backing it up, I'm sure a lot of people will give this a try. ^^ (Something new for 2009? ^^)

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  1. It's funny because it's true. Sun Cellular sucks in call quality. Hehe.

  2. you need a 3G phone for red mobile, which is a bit pricey. you are accurately right about the market they are targeting. red mobile is advertising even in multiply.

    great research, steph!

  3. @enrico

    quite true. maybe that's why it made me laugh? hehehe based on actual experience ? hihihi ^^


    yup, 3G phones are quite pricey but most of us already have 1 for sure. If its signal is as good as it claims then definitely it will attract more of the upper end clients of SUN. Unless SUN shifts to a similar pay-only-for-the-calls-you-made kind of plan, I think everyone should shift really. mas makaka-tipid ^^ hmmm ... which made me realize that maybe we should evaluate first if Red Mobile is offering a post-paid plan and how long their loads expire. Kung pipilitin ka din naman bumili ng 300 pesos load that will expire in a month lang then bale wala lang din. hehehe

  4. this is good news. more competitive rates coming up! But if 3G phone is required, hmm... that would mean change of sim and unit, let's see if they can penetrate the market.

    ako wala pa ring 3G phone! haha If they offer the same speed as smart 3G at half the price that's going to be a great bargain.


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