Wednesday, October 29, 2008

On Good Food and Cooking

In response to the question "Why is it important to learn how to cook?", I came up with the response below.

It is important to learn how to cook because there is nothing like good food to start or end your day with, whether you be alone or in the company of family and friends. If time can heal all wounds, good food patches all those wounds until they're healed.

Any comments? ^^

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  1. galing ah! I completely agree ^-^

    stress reliever man pud usahay nang magluto gud :D

  2. @shiera

    mau ... that is kung ang g.luto nimo lami. kung wala lami kay ma pressure ka hehehe

  3. where did you get that?!

    so true though. and you are sure about all the ingredients you put in the meals, you have inspected them yourself and you know they are good and not expired, spoiled or something...

    although i don't cook as much anymore, we still enjoy homecook meals here that follow certain standards, but sometimes hubby and I crave for the meals that i cooked before we settled here in alabama...

  4. Is that why you're learning how to cook? hehe

    Learning "how" to cook can be an ego booster or ego breaker. It's not as important as sharing a talk over good or not so good food. :)

  5. @charlotte

    i came up with it. ^^ I posted that reply as a comment in another site to get the chance to win a cook book ^^

    na.intriga ako sa "certain standard" meals mo ha. i wonder if the standards were set by the school? ^^


    see reply above.

    well, talking is another topic all along ...

    One good thing about good food is that it doesn't have to talk.

  6. yap school standard - all food groups, fresh fruits and salad, among others and the meals are cooked on the same day they are serving them.

    when i cook meals before, they usually go for 2 days. on the 2nd or sometimes 3rd day, my meals weren't as fresh anymore eventhough they've been refrigerated.

  7. @charlotte

    aliw! they have standards even for the food ^^

  8. ...because it's a natural thing to do. along with reason, this sets us apart from animals. we cook our food. ^o^

  9. @anonymous

    quite true. thanks 4 dropping by.

    this actually reminds me of an episode i saw in one of those nat-geo channels where in monkeys where shown to actually wash their food and sometimes even season it with salt water ^^

  10. ^ but that's not cooking :D


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