Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Lunch Time!

"Ranchi wa watashitachi no kibou desu (Lunch is our hope)" says Natsumi Mugita, the lead character in the J-Drama series "Lunch Queen." She was referring to the fact that it's the only time of the day where in part-timers like her can enjoy a complete meal below 1000 yen. She was also referring to how a delicious lunch can make her whole day better. She looks forward to eating lunch and works hard just so she can have a good lunch.

I too have experienced looking forward to lunch. When I was still working, lunch time meant socializing time. I was free to talk to my colleagues without feeling guilty of being a disturbance. And they, in turn, were much more receptive during lunch time as well, especially the Japanese. Back in Japan, I even befriended the restaurant owners who were bringing our lunches (obentou) to work everyday. I was free to loiter in the atrium without having to mind the watchful eyes of bosses. And most of all, it was freedom from my workstation, during those days when work just gets really boring and you have exhausted all means of entertainment already.

How about you? Have you ever looked forward to lunch time as well?

Now that my time is unregulated and I can do whatever I want whenever I want, I somehow miss longing for those times, waiting for the clock and eventually hearing the sound of the bell to signify the start of the break. Somehow, life is easier when you have milestones (SMILEstones) even as insignificant as break time to look forward to. (^o^)/

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  1. hahaha cerelac? you like watching jap series too? :)

  2. @mindy

    anong cerelac? you're craving for CERELAC? hehehe Yup, i like jap series better kasi short lang. Pero I don't like all of them. I like those that are funny yet insightful. I don't like the dramas too much.

  3. diba cerelac man yung smilestones? lol

  4. ay o, tama ka ^^
    ang maalala ko lang ang term hindi ang brand hehehe ^^ parang cerelac nga ata yun ^^


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