Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Yaya Diaries

Daphne Oseña is having problems with her maids lately. She says she has too many of them. Meanwhile, at home, we just lost both of ours. If she's reading my blog, I'd like to ask her to send one to us.(^^;)

Last Sunday (Sept. 14) when I woke up, my mom greets me with saying that our two maids are gone. She has kicked them out of the house and that was only at 9am in the morning.

Decent ("matino") housekeepers are hard to find these days. If you think Manila is a city, for people living in the far flung areas of Mindanao like Surigao, Davao is their city. Most of them would venture into the city, apply to be a housekeeper, just so they can find someone to marry. Yes, that is their main aim to come to the city. It is not to earn money because the moment they marry they leave whatever work they have. It seems like all the males in their own cities have migrated to the big cities like Davao, so they have to follow suit as well. And so when 5pm nears and house constructions in adjacent streets stop, expect them to eagerly come out of the houses with a new found spirit to suddenly clean the garden, water the plants, take out the trash, or whatever activities there are outside the house. And on Sundays, although we allow them to take the day off, my mom expects them to at least sweep the floor and clean the rooms first. Considering that this is the only day they can do this as the house is normally locked the moment my parents leave for work early in the mornings, the rest of the week. And this has been their routine for as long as I remember. Well, until last Sunday that is.

Last Sunday, while still early in the morning my mom hears them taking a bath and preparing to leave the house already. And upon checking on them, she finds out that their bathroom has not been kept tidy at all. When she reprimanded them, one even had the guts to answer back and tell her that they were leaving by the end of month anyway. Well, if you know my mom, that's more than enough to burst anything their is to burst inside of her, so she sent them packing that instant.

And later she contemplates that it was wrong for her to hire siblings as they tend to be too close to each other, play all the time, and neglect their duties. However, if you get another pair that doesn't get along at all, then you're bound to lose one in a few months.

Maids ... maids ... maids ...
I think Daphne says it best, "I can't live with them but I can't live without them."


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