Saturday, September 20, 2008

Where do I go next?!

Panic mode! This just came in my inbox ...
Where? where? where?!!!! (^o^)/


For making us No.1, you get ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in return!

Thanks to you, the Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) reported Cebu Pacific as the No.1 domestic airline once again.

Because of this, we are giving out more than 50,000 seats ABSOLUTELY FREE.

This is only available online. And since you've signed-up with our Seat Sale Alerts - you get to be among the first to learn about our exciting seat sales!

Show your friends how much you appreciate them too by booking them a seat or by sending them this email so they get to join you on your next domestic vacation! Let's pass on the good vibes.

Fly for absolutely PHP 0 (all-in) without any check-in bags (Go Lite) . If you do decide to bring check-in bags, just pay P<!-- !-- -->200 (all-in).

The seat sale STARTS NOW until September 21, 2008 and is valid for travel from October 16 to December 17, 2008.

Hurry, book now at because only 50,000 seats are up for grabs!


And I don't even have to bring any luggages!
That's Zero Pesos ALL IN! No need to pay for anything except the terminal fees at the airport!
geez ... Cebupac truly knows how to create a buzz.

(Maybe also trying to regain the trust of all those who were disappointed with their service a couple of months back.)

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  1. oy, di pasok ang Oct 5. wala bang catch yan? i give up on them na talaga, its just so not worth it. haha

    they are also coming up with a contest to blog about them and one criteria is there must be not a single negative write-up. i guess there is just too much negative blogs about them already. definitely my blogs won't qualify hehe

  2. yup, no catch, i checked the site and they are offering it.

    Given that it's zero fare i'm tempted to just book and book because I don't have to pay anything for the booking e.
    You just pay 200 if you plan to bring check in luggage. If not, zero talaga. THe catch lang siguro is that if you chose the zero option with no bag, if you eventually decide to bring a check in bag, you'll have to pay 300 na instead of 200 at the airport.

  3. haha o nga, book lang nang book. wala bang no show penalty charged to your card?

    The travel bug has bitten us, D & I might join this!

  4. @freeze

    it's zero fare. they won't even ask for your credit card no. ^^
    but if you're planning to bring check in luggage then you'll have to pay 200 each way.

    My cousin was able to book 5 tickets for manila. Same day return flight lang daw. Day trip in manila hehehe.

    I didn't get any, tagal kasi maka.decide when to go. I checked today, all manila zero fares are not available anymore.

    You and D should go! mukha enjoy yan. D seems to be doing a lot of traveling this year. dati busy-busy pa hehehe.

  5. i think you have to pay for the tax and fuel....just my opinion..the same thing with piso fare..1+fuel+tax...

  6. @anonymous

    No need to pay. ALL IN means ALL IN. it's not the same as the piso fare. But as I said in my previous comment reply, all Davao-Manila flights with ZERO ALL IN fare are all taken already. what's left are the piso fares (not all in) so you have to pay for the fuel and insurance. ^^

    Other sectors may still have ZERO ALL IN fares. check the site nalang. ^^

  7. wow,thanks for sharing! good luck on the trip. traveling is truly rewarding, moreover when free.

    btw, what happened couple of months ago that made some of their clients disappointed?

  8. @ellecul

    hi! wala. Wasn't able to get any tickets. Took too long to decide kasi hehehe.

    a couple of months back, when they transferred operations to naia3, a lot of flights got delayed, tapos meron airplanes nasira so a lot of people were stranded in the airport
    for hours! (almost 1 day ata yung iba)

    so madami na disappoint sa service nila. kasi parang they didn't take care of the passengers daw talaga. they only served food when nagwala na mga tao, they didn't answer questions properly etc. You know how it is here in the Phils. with customer service. wala jud ... bano.

  9. nakabili ako:D woohooo!!!:D hehehehe

  10. @cating

    waaaah! you're so MEAN! hehehe ^^
    sinama mo sana ako.

  11. ahihihihi. tickets were selling like pandesal. grabeh kadali nahurot. daghan pa ta ko ganahan adtuan. hehehe. next time na lang:) mayta mo number 1 na sad sila balik. :D

  12. @cating

    mau! sana naa second wave! next time I be the first to buy (book lang pala) jud! where are you going next thing? kanus.a naman to imo palawan? ^^


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