Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Taking a Step Back (Yaya Diaries Part 2)

And so you know that we don't have maids around the house right now. My mom seems to be feeling guilty and she tries do everything on her own. But knowing her, I know she doesn't do it because of guilt but because she knows she can and she wants to.

In an ordinary family, it would be more natural, i guess, for parents in their 60's to lay back and let the younger generation do the work. You would think that is just so, yes. Especially if that younger generation is doing mostly nothing during the day except surf the internet and blog. Yes, that is me. (^O-)v I bet I'm officially what the Japanese would refer to as a kane-kui-mushi or money-eating parasite in English, that is. However, my parents are not like that. They still treat me as their guest (a subtler word for King) in our own house. And although I've always wanted to help, I've learned to take a step back for now.

I'm just so impressed with my parents on how they can still manage to prepare breaksfast (with fresh juice freshly made everyday), to do the laundry, to clean the house, and then to open our store by 7am in the morning. They really are super parents and if anyone's wondering how we managed to acquire a considerable amount of wealth over the years, you have your answer right here.

I've managed to cook the family meals from time to time but no official house responsibility has been designated upon me. Except maybe to choose the restaurant we go to eat and be the driver on Sundays.

In my desire to help more, for 2 days now, since I've been awake earlier than usual, I've secretly grabbed the broom and swept the whole house. Yes, I swept and not vacuumed it. We don't have a vacuum cleaner in the house. And of course, I clean after my own which is doing the dishes after eating the breakfast they've prepared for me.

I'd really like to help more but sometimes help is not wanted. At least that is how I feel.

Could it be the fact that being in their 60's my parents are now trying to prove that they still have it and can still do anything tasked upon them?

I really don't know. In the mean time, I let them be. I am taking a step back until they say that they can't take it no longer. And that will have to do even when it comes to manning our store.

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  1. mahiya ka na man, tumulong ka uy. wahahaha! joke:)

  2. @cating

    lasing ka pa ata from your bonding session with your siblings hehehe ^^

  3. Workaholics as they are, they won't stop doing what they're used to. Nevertheless, volunteer yourself, I'm sure that will be appreciated, and in time your help will be wanted.

    i don't have my share of chores either, my roomie aunt gets everything done before i could even think about it. so that's why she's thin and i'm not. hehe

  4. @freeze


    and the question is "do i want to volunteer?" ^^

  5. kabuotan na nimo steph uy!

    in the house where I grew up, helping the household chores is expected. So when I was five, i already knew how to cook rice, wash the dishes, and fetch water.

    When my sisters grew up, they too learned how to cook rice, wash the dishes and even wash clothes at an early age.

    Now, that we're grown ups I become too lazy to do these things, except for the cooking.

  6. @novz

    novz, are you being sarcastic? hehehe ^^

    I know how to do all those chores as well but we're not obliged to do them. ^^ hehehe

    Now that you're living on your own, I guess you'll have to do them all by yourself again. hihihi

    One of my cousins said that If you want to eat something good then you better cook it yourself. ^^
    hehehe ... a more general way of saying this is If you want something done right then you do it yourself. Which is more like the motto of my mom really hehehe ^^


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