Friday, September 19, 2008

Oh Mooncake! My Mooncake!

Papa thinks I love mooncakes. Before the festival, Sept. 15, he brought home a box of mooncakes. I tried them and I thought it tasted good but I would prefer the regular Mongo Hopia or Dice Hopia over it anytime. The next day he brought home a new set. This time the mooncake came in tin boxes. "Special ones from Manila," he said. I have to agree, it was better than the local ones. It was creamier and even the salted egg in the middle didn't repulse me at all. Normally, I would leave that part because I'm just not used to the taste of it.

A friend now living in Singapore, and probably tasting the mooncake for the first time, says she couldn't understand the taste of it. Her team leader even said that it smelled like B.O. hahaha (^o^)/ I don't know how Singaporeans make their mooncakes but that's exactly how I think salted egg smells like. o('x')o

When mooncake festival comes, I don't crave for the mooncakes but instead, I miss playing the dice game! Nobody loses in the game and everyone's bound to take home a lot of goodies! We've never played it here in Davao. I only got to try it with my cousins in Manila during an association event. Never mind that I don't understand the rules, the presents and goodies just makes you feel like it's Christmas already!

Oh! 97 days to go 'til Christmas (^o^)/

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  1. akala ko dati yun mooncake, yun sticky rice cake (tikoy diba?) hehehe :D

  2. @ellecul

    yup, tikoy yan or mochi there in Japan hehehe ^^

    The mooncake is like hopia but more refined. hihihi mas manipis ang covering sa outer layer, tapos mas creamy ang mongo then may salted egg sa loob.


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